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Someone. (xfireflybeautyx) wrote,
@ 2003-07-25 12:44:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:show me the way//STYX

    I'm bored. But oh well. I could watch one of my many DVDs I just got in the mail, but I don't really feel like having to worry about how much time I have until work. I was up until 3:00 in the morning watching The Talented Mr. Ripley...*sigh* too bad you can't rewind the part when Jude Law gets out of a bath tub...dlkfjdgl. Hes hot man. Wooo.
    Hehe, anyway..I'm still bored. I only said that about 2 seconds ago. Nothing interesting has happened lately. Me and Rich broke up, I was sad. So I called Matt, and we talked for about 3 HOURS, which is the longest time I've ever talked to him on the phone, I swear lol. I used to talk to him on the phone waaaay back in the day...but it was kinda like, Hey...Hey. Whats up. Nothing. *Dead Silence* But he kept me laughing the whole night. LoL. Gotta start hanging out with him. I gotta. Even though....
    Me and Rich are back together again. Aww c'mon. If you were gonna say you didn't see that coming from a mile away...I'm gonna be really mad at you. ....Who am I talking to? No one even reads this thing. LoL. Anyway...yeah Wednesday night we talked for a while and decided to get back together and give it one more shot. :-) Cuz...just yeah. And we hung out last night, ate McDonalds and watched Road Trip. (Which is still a gross movie!!!!!!!)
    I'M SO STOKED for tomorrow night! Me.Elaine.Ashley. At my house all night watching movies. Hell YES! Its gonna be a good time. We have so many movies that we wanna see....we just can't decide. I highly doubt were gonna watch them all. LoL. So lets see...we've got...
    -Gattaca (thats a definite!...Jude movie btw!)
    -Music from another Room (another Jude movie!)
    -Shakespeare in Love (definite!)
    -Moulin Rouge
    -SLC Punk (definite!)
    -A Walk To Remember (probably)
    -The Talented Mr. Ripley (I don't care if I saw it last night, I'm seeing it again!!!)

    Ahhh...Its gonna be awesome tomorrow night. I'm stoked. And were gonna be so stuffed by the morning. We're getting like 24721478921 snacks. LoL. Anyway.......
    Till next time...peace out!!!!! :-)


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