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-Krista- (xen) wrote,
@ 2003-10-15 17:25:00
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    Current mood: nostalgic

    The Menthol Incident
    I've been feeling nostaglic these days, looking back at the things that made my life unique, the things that happened when it wasn't supposed to. Alot of my memories never cease to amaze me and I am writing about The Menthol Incident which resulted in bizzare punishments, and who got away with it.

    It was the weekend when Amanda first told me she liked me and so forth which was Sept. 27, 1998. My mother's birthday was that day, I had called her to tell her that I made my first A and B honor roll since 4th grade. I was feeling pretty good, at the top of my game. I had already made alot of friends at TSD, having a blast during my first six weeks of my senior year. That was until The Menthol Incident, I call it... to this day, I laugh about it because so many people were accused, even two students were expelled and I can't help but wonder... was I really the orginator, the person who had worked out a master plan and it actually worked. I didn't like the two girls that got expelled and I would do anything for them to get kicked out and they were within 24 hours.

    I had a roommate named Jenny who was a cutter. What I mean by that is she would slash her wrists, legs, feet, anywhere on her body to go to sleep, even to die. She wanted to die, she had no reason to live and that pretty much disturbed me. A week before The Menthol Incident, I found blood on her wall next to her bed when I had dropped a raquetball under her bed. As I was looking for it, I saw dried blood blotched in several different spots. From there, I knew I had to report it, not because I didn't like her but because I didn't want her to continue doing this and end up dead the following morning. The whole concept was disturbing so, a mere few minutes later I approached my favorite houseparent, Melissa on that floor and explained what I saw. She gathered two other houseparents, Kathryn and Corrie to take a look. I showed them where but I wouldn't move the bed. They moved the bed and saw blood, MORE than I had seen under her bed against the walls. They looked under her pillows and found two bloody disasposable razors. Jenny had came in and she asked what was going on, Melissa escorted her out of the apartment and I'm sitting there explaning what I saw, they are asking me questions if I had seen her delibrately cut her self. I told them that she had told me she tried to commit suicide three times before but that was years prior to her coming to TSD. Kathryn had explained that Jenny was kicked out 4 years ago because she tried to kill herself, she had a mental problem and needed help. They confiscated all the razors in the apartment, including mine and told me if I needed to shave my legs, I could simply pick up the razor in the wing office but not to leave it in sight for that Jenny may use it. They put her on 48 hour watch, with a buddy system which wasn't a good idea because Jenny was able to select who her buddy was and that was Heather Ashmore, a freshman who shared the wing with me and also was sucidial. There I was, sharing a wing full of girls who had a problem and they were all in the guidance program just like me. The only reason why I was even put in the Guidiance Program was because I was a new student and it is the norm to place new students there for the first six to ten weeks, get them accostumed with the familairties of TSD.

    After Jenny returned to our room, they had asked me to watch her, basically be her babysitter until this "investigation" was over. Fortunately, I was too busy. I was on the varisty volleyball team, just got elected to student body government as Director of Academic Affairs, and I was a honors student and in a study group which included Amanda, Russell, Colby and Virginia. I was the only new student who made something out of myself, I wasn't inferior like the others and there was alot of jealousy in that wing. They all hated me with a passion because I just happened to have more friends than they did, and I was the only one that wasn't miserable. But at the same time, strangely enough, they looked up to me and came to me with advices and I was more than happy to give guidance when those who worked in the GP couldn't.

    Jenny had stopped cutting herself up but, she had another form to hurt herself and it wasn't as bloody. She was pinching herself to sleep, maybe she liked pain and found it relaxing but I also found it disturbing. I didn't report it because it was just too much hassle and as long as she wasn't committing suicide, then let her do what she wants to herself. I avoided all talks, avoided basically everything... because I didn't want to find myself asking too many questions and I was already aware that she had a mental problem and under watch every two hours.

    Sunday, Sept. 27, 1998 is where it all started. I had a cold, a box of kleenex and I was hanging out in the hallway between the GP and Upperclassgirls wing. I was chilling, talking to a bunch of girls after a few hours Amanda and I revealed we liked each other. I would say it was around 9 at night and I was sitting in the only chair in the hallway, blowing my nose and talking. One of the girls, Penny asked me what that smell was when she gave me a hug. I said it was the menthol in my kleenex, it clears up your nose a little better and it also had aloe which is supposed to be gentle to your skin. When Penny sniffed on it, she instantly got a "high" for a few seconds and told some of the other girls that you could actually get high from my kleenex. Suddendly, girls were asking me and I was the distributer and of course, me... thinking nothing of it passed them out. I EVEN sniffed to get a high as well and it worked. 30 minutes later, Amanda came upstairs after she had to do something and I rushed to her and was like HI... and she asked what the girls were doing. They all had tissues to their nose and was practically SNIFFING, looking for new spots to sniff. She joined the girls in conversation but she didn't take one tissue because she thought it was lame, the whole concept was really lame when I think about it. But, it was also funny because we were just mellowing out and you could feel a buzz in your head. We were all talking about sex, and what our favorite position was. Amanda displayed the "chili frog" and I'm just sitting there laughing at all the girls. Aurore, one of the houseparents from the upperclassgirls wing noticed that a bunch of girls were sitting on the floor acting funny, and she walks up to me and sees me sitting on the chair. She asked if I had a cold and I said yes I did, I was also on prescripton for antibotics and showed her my health center pass. As she walked away, all the girls were sniffing again and little did we know, she was really watching us thru some window. Girls were laughing and going wow, this works... and it's a perfectly legal way to get high. Aurore came out again and she asked the other girls what we all were doing... and the girls said they liked my kleenex (STUPID STUPID). She asked me where the box was because she wanted to take a look at it and I gave her the box, but I had tucked a BUNCH of new tissues in the chair so she couldn't stop us. She went to report, and that was when Jenny and Heather walked in. Heather pulled me aside and asked me if I had any drugs, and I laughed and said no. Then I thought... perfect... for them to get in trouble they could sniff on the tissues I had gave ot the other girls. I said "well I have the best alternative, you could sniff and get a short buzz. She asked for a few sheets of tissue and then they were gone. The supervisor of the wing came and told all the girls to go in their room except for me. They asked if I was delibrately passing out kleenex because I wanted them to get high. I told them that I had a cold and one of the girls noticed that there was menthol/aloe in it and she got a buzz over that and by then, it had already spreaded. She confiscated the rest of my tissues and commanded me to go in my room which I did.

    About a hour later, I had noticed Jenny hadn't been in our room yet and I was to report if she hadn't. So, I went to see Kathryn and told her that Jenny had not been in my room, because if I didn't say anything I would have been in trouble. Turns out, I was even more in trouble than I thought because Jenny and Heather were in somebody else's bathroom sniffing hairspray, nail polish, anything they could find. Kathryn got mad at them, not at me and thanked me and told me to go to bed. Few seconds later, the bitch supervisor from the other wing came in my room and told me to get dressed. I was to go to the health center and the three of us were "tested" for drugs. The nurse said that Jenny and Heather's eyes were VERY dilated but I was ok and I should just go to sleep. PML, the bitch, made me stay there and explained to the nurse that I was an expert with drugs (which I really wasnt) and that I know how to keep compsure in situations like this. The nurse looked at me and then told PML... she has a cold, she is under antibotics and her eyes are NOT dilated... even when you are a avid drug user, your eyes still get big and there is no way to control that. PML pulled me aside and told me I was up to something and she would find out. Yeah, I was up to something... I wanted Jenny and Heather out of my wing but, I had no control in over what they did, I didn't even know they were sniffing hairspray that night until Kathryn and I walked in. I was forced to stay awake, and not to go in my room until they were done rummaging through Jenny's things so I decided to go in the upperclassgirls wing and there, I saw Amanda. I wanted to take a shower so I asked her for a towel and she gave it to me. We talked a little bit and she asked what wasgoing on and I said some bullshit, accusing me of providing girls drugs and whatnot. She laughed and said "You shouldn't have given the girls tissues..." and i said "thats the thing, they are high over hairspray... there was no kleenex to be found". PML told me to go back in my wing and she proceeded to tell me that she was about to call the police because something fishy was going on although she had confiscated all the tissues. I told her... you know what, the cops aren't going to do anything about it because 1. I wasn't using drugs 2. I didnt provide them 3. they will tell you that the other two girls are a bunch of psychos and need to be sent to the mental hospital 4. i'm alot smarter than you are so you better lay off. PML told me at that point I wasn't smart and she was SHOCKED that I was in honors and that I am a mantipulator and thinks I can get away with anything. I told her... in order to be a mantipulator, you have to be smart and I will bet you 100 dollars that I am alot smarter than you ever will be. She walked off, checking on Jenny and Heather and I called my mother. It must have been 1am and I told my mother every thing. She said "this all started becaose if the kleenex that grandma bought you???" and I said "pretty much and I'm the culprit here... they are now saying that I provided the drugs... c'mon, every girl in this wing owns a hairspray except for me..." She was SO mad, she knew this was friviolous and full of crap and she told me to go to bed, no matter what they say and she would take care of it in the morning. I went through two houseparents and told them I needed sleep if they are going to make me go to school in the morning and they have no right to deprive me of my sleep. I went to sleep and when I woke up at 5am by Jenny's mother who had turned the lights on, I told her to come back later because I needed my sleep. She screamed and yelled in my face... YOU DID THIS... you caused my daughter to get expelled and I will see to it that YOU get expelled as well. Jenny came in and said "MOOOOOOM, Krista didn't do anything... we did... it wasn't her fault" Jenny's mother looked at me and said "and to think I actually liked you" then I stood up and said "FUCK YOU LADY, you heard ur daughter, she did this on her own" She said "I will see to it that you get punished for using such crude language" I told her "go right fucking ahead, see if I care... there's NOTHING you can do to get me in trouble, jesus fucking christ, you need to focus on helping your psyhotic daughter than go after me... maybe the reason why she needs help is cuz you take the blame onto others." I walked out and told the Night Assistant that I needed my sleep and the NA told Jenny's mother that she had no right to go in my room and turn the lights on, and if she wants to pack Jenny's things she could either turn the hall light on or wait til everybody's at school. Jenny's mother screamed at the NA and said that I was nothing but a troublemaker. Barbara the NA was like... you know what, get OUT of the dorm... nobody calls my favorite girl a troublemaker or anything else, you don't know her so GET OUT until school starts and you may return. The supervisor of the Night Assistants, Gail came in and told Jenny's mother to please leave. I couldnt go back to sleep so I stayed awake talking to Barbara. Barbara said the menthol thing wasn't a big deal and it was a "false high" which has taken too far by the adults and they are acting immature about this.

    At 8 am, I went to school and met with the principal. My mother was on the speaker phone and she was mad, i mean FURIOUS with the houseparents. The principal said that he had done research a few minutes earlier on menthol tissues and concluded that there is no way you could get high over it, although it wasn't a good idea to constantly sniff. He also said that I was not the culprit, and that we all did not have an understanding how menthol tissues work and it was one of those bizarre things that just happened. My mom asked if I was going to be punished and he said no I was not going to because he finds no evidence in linking me to Jenny and Heather sniffing hairspray and as long as the kleenex was confiscated, there should be no further action. I returned to class and everything was routine until after school. I was on my way to a meeting with the superditent of TSD doing some SBG work, and there was PML with several other adults who approached me and said that I was to be placed in solitary for two weeks after school. The principal saw all this and he came to PML and told her it was unconsitutional and that I had done nothing wrong. PML explained that I cussed Jenny's mother out and everything and that Jenny's mother is VERY upset and that I should be expelled instead of her. The principal calmly said "Jenny did this on her own, Krista is free to do as she pleases, reasonably and let her do her extracurrilar activies, I believe she hasa meeting with the superditent". PML was stumped and she wanted me in trouble so bad but, the adminstrators loved me... there was no way she could punish me. That was until after dinner when all the admistrators left to go home to their families, she put me in IHS but, it didn't work because all the students, including Amanda were cheering on me and saying hang in there... hang in there. I was smiling because there was NO way they could... do anything to me. I called my mother later that night and told her that they had put me in IHS and guess what? PML got three days suspension for defying the principal's orders, and I was asked to move to the freshman wing. Tell you what... that was the BEST thing that happened to me all year, I enjoyed every minute of it. Things worked out and The Menthol Incident was a buch of hooey to begin with. I may have mantipulated, I admit it... but I am damn good. Heather and Jenny got what they deserved, they left and was never to be seen again.

    Heather is a normal kid, now a freshman in college so I have heard. Jenny has been in and out of the mental instution and how do I know this... her cousin, Cesar was Amanda's ex.

    I remain one of the kids in TSD history to actually get away with it, including graduating when I shouldn't. I may not be notorious anymore but people still talk about what happened that year. To a great senior year, even though there were alot of obstacles, but hell, I did it, no thanks to PML the biggest BITCH that will go down in TSD history. And to top it all, I befriended all of PML's friends and they told me PML was arrested twice and she beat the shit out of her husband. That goes to show you that she is pure hell and a villian. Hell yea, I still say I'm alot smarter than that slut and if i bump into her one day, I'm going to be nice to her and pity her because she doesn't know me, she never tried but I know I did.

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