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Nikki (xdorkloverx) wrote,
@ 2003-05-28 18:44:00
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    Current mood: good
    Current music:the cure 'just like heaven'

    i like dots, their pretty.... wasn't that bad. nothing really aweful happened. katie and i are finally talking again and today we hugged :) we went for a little over 2 weeks with out talking and i missed her. but i still won't forget about how she reacted....

    i was supposed to stay after today in attempt to raise up my grade in geometry, but we had a sub today, so i didn't have to :) i was actually supposed to stay after yesturday...but i 'forgot'. heh...i promise i'll stay after tomorrow.

    i dunno why, but i'm just in a great mood today. my day mostly consisted of lots of laughs....espically at lunch. chris and i got in a heated arguement about cats. it all started in child dev. when miatta stated that cats have 7 lives, but i corrected her and said they had 9....and so chris thought that i actually believed that, and so we went into this HUGE arguement about cats. he said that if you shot a cat 9 times, then it would die immediatly. so then i said that that's not neccesarliy true, it depends on where you shot the cat. say you shoot it 4 times in the tail, 4 times (once in each paw) and then once in one of the might live. lets just say that went on for quite some time.

    after that discussion....then came the talk about how logs do not have spots on them, no matter what mia says. so ha, mia :P *sigh* my friends and i are such skrod.

    i did all my homework already. i'm pretty proud of myself...i've been doing pretty good for the past 2 weeks. too bad its too late now, not like it can make a big difference in my grades :(

    today i was talking with josh and he asked me when i was going to finally cut my hair. i'm always complaining about it and about how i'm gonna chop it all off. but now i'm considering doing it...well not cutting all of it off, but a lot shorter than i have it now. he said that i should cut it up to my chin, but then have it angled so that when it gets to the back, its all short. he said it would look cute on me....but everyone has that haircut so i dunno. maybe i'll do it and just dye it a bunch of colors so it would be somewhat different. but i dunno...thats too short for my liking. so we'll see :)

    i'm in the mood to go to a show right now. i heard that the maid is having like a movie night were their showing like two movies that night on friday. i doubt i'll go....but i'll see. i havent been to the maid since it's re-opened. oooh i just remembered. i have a soul mason show coming up! yay! i've only seen them once, but their awesome :) all the guys are pretty awesome, and matt's (lead singer) girlfriend is pretty funny. so i hope i can go. but i think its on the same day as susie's graduation party, so i dunno.

    okies well dinner is ready and i have nothing to ramble on about, so bye

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2003-05-28 21:04 (link)
glad you had a good day..just like to say hello :-)


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2003-05-28 21:39 (link)
thank you and hello to you too :)

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My subject
2011-11-25 12:51 (link)
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