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do you want me too? (xcrazyxinxlovex) wrote,
@ 2003-09-13 22:41:00
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    Current mood: jubilant
    Current music:cell phone rings

    wow...that was so fun.
    ok so like about 40 mins ago i got home from the movies and it was really fun!!
    me laurel jen sharon oren shayna zach landon pat wade samarah hailey hayley
    (if ure not on there i forgot you whichmakes you easily forgotten)
    we didnt even watch a movie we just hung out lol and ate...alot! and took realy really cute pictures of me kissing sharon lol! and everyone was trying to get prude ass wade to make out with jen. haha. but wade, being as prude as he is was like running away. then like at like 9 30 i bought a cookie with sharon and i gave some to jen. and then someone is all wade make out with jen and then me and jen were talking and shes all i wont and im all why and shes all i dont know...i have chocolate in my mouth!!!!haha. then there was a hummer.
    it drove up and it was like the most awesomest car ever it had ike 2 foot wheels and shit and like 6 tv's and there was a pimp(cameron) driving and then all these whore's came out of the hummer! haha and the boys were all staring at their boobs! haha good times. ok well im tired and im gunna go but...
    the poem that was about the shoe in jens lj...I FUCKING WROTE IT! just to let you all know im a poet. ok later babes

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2003-09-14 21:00 (link)
alicia haha!!!!i dont think we would have kissed!!!i had chocolate in my mouth!!!!!!!!!1haha i love you

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2003-11-29 22:46 (link)

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2003-11-29 22:50 (link)
sorry one more thing lol did Sharon get mad when you wanted Jen to make out with Wade?lol love ya MUAH!

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