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Cordy Chase (xcordychasex) wrote,
@ 2004-02-27 18:04:00
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    Current mood:calm
    Current music:This Love- Maroon 5

    Old friends from Sunnydale + Drinks = My night out ..
    -:She logged onto the blurty client and smiled.:- Well. I haven't updated in a while. But .. it's been busy. Or not. Okay okay. So I took Fred's advice and I went out. Except I kinda didn't meet up with Fred. I actually somehow ran into an old friend of mine from Sunnydale. Okay, not exactly friend. She was more like a groupie, always there like a shadow. -:She shook her head:- Kinda miss it. Or not .. anyways. Met up with her at this club, Azure. I don't know I was just dancing, minding the guy who I was dancing with's business, when all of a sudden there's this shrill voice. "Cordeeelia Chase! Is that you!?" -:She shuddered at the memory of her voice:- So, I guess she freaked the guy out and we ended up drinking and catching up. I elaborated on my [not-so] acting career and how I was in a coma [not.] Just made up a fake-y story that she bought way too easily. Somethings never change. Anyways .. I wonder what's up at Hell Inc. I should pop by .. but then again I shouldn't. Yet.

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2004-03-11 18:28 (link)
She sits at her laptop, staring at the iBook as if it is long lost friend- It's been a while she smiled to herself. "I tried to meet up with you Cordelia things just got swamped at Prac. Science, we thought there was an abnormal epidemic sweeping the nation from another form of "Edu-tainment" but it just ended up being a heavy exposure of chicken pox-- which I don't know if I everh had--" She itches her back Uh-oh "I've gotta go- this itching is going to kill me..." She scurries into the bathroom itching her arms and shoulders.

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