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liz (xcolossalxyouth) wrote,
@ 2003-11-24 20:24:00
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    Current mood: uncomfortable
    Current music:radiohead-my iron lung

    there are so many things i take for granted, and i dont say that because thanksgiving is a few days away. i say it because i'm helplessly lonely as a result of losing friendhips i took for granted. it seems i'm never happy with what i've been dealt and instead search ceaselessly for better things. that's what i get, i suppose.

    it took me fifteen years to realize that sitting and watching, sitting and watching, sitting and watching, sitting, watching and waiting. it took me fifteen years to realize that that would get me absolutely nowhere and leave me lonely and cynical and even more aimless.

    so what i want for my birthday is to actually be somebody instead of wishing i were.

    that, or a really, really good book.

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2003-11-26 09:01 (link)
but i know what you are. and i think you are the single most lovliest person i know. and its so horrible that we cant be closer- so horrible that distance is such a hindrance to a friendship that could be so fucking wonderful.
you're so much more than you realise. i know thats cliche and all the rest but i mean it. if you werent who you are- you would be someone much more different- and like i said, you are one of the most amazing people to grace my life in someway, and if you were someone else, this may have never happened.
i'm grateful for you being you. please don't ever change.

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Re: flip
2003-12-28 00:57 (link)
! you leave me absolutely speechless, apart from how you make me feel infinitely better about myself your words are absolutely stunning, pure poetry.

and i promise to avoid changing if you do :)

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