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Bekz (xbklynraisedx) wrote,
@ 2003-11-29 21:33:00
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    alright lemme give you some background on me:
    My name is Rebekka but people comonly call me bekz,bekky or bekka. I like bekka(dunno why) I go to B.k. H.s. which is a great school but sux cuz there are no boys and Most of the girls are really snobby. I love with my aunt,grandmother,mother and sis(never met my dad). and that's pretty much bascilly it.

    Today I'm in a mushy mood. First off I'm feeling fat 5"3 135 pounds? Second off I'm in a love/hate situation. I'm in love with my ex. Whenever i think about him i just feel like meeting him and huggin and kissing him or w.e but then when i talk to him he's usually an ass to me and then i feel like tell him to go to hell. It sux big time... also including the fact that he has a major crush on my best friend but continusly cheats on her..Yea all i'm good for with him is finding out if she likes him or not after that he don't give a flying woop about me..ugh..well that's pretty much it for today- write more tomorrow- feel free to comment

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2003-11-30 03:29 (link)
HEYYYYY bEkKkaAaa lol its antTt..lmao me nd my friend are pulling an all niGhter ::dun dun duunnnnn:: so this is whY im senDing u messages at 3:30 in the moRnin! WEEEEEE a biTt tirEdDdDddddd lmaooo..aaanywhOozleSss im so happiEe u got ur jOurnaL uPp lol yaAaAyYy lmaooo look at my iconnn! lmmfao its hyper sleepy eyes!! okay weLL im gonna let you go and be suuuree to check thisSss and look at what i wrote cuz itsh so boOotiEfuLLL lmaooo..feel frEe to check out my message boarDs aaaaany timEe nd u can poSt on em! yEaaA! lmao okiEee me talkin laderrrrRrrrr meeooowww... =} lol okiEe its officiall...all nighter is oveRr..mwaAaa love ya nEed sleep!

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