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sen0rita__ (xb00tylici0usx) wrote,
@ 2003-10-23 18:21:00
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    Current mood:excited
    Current music:watching family matters lma0

    pn0 spirit day 'o6 - -
    WOOO i love spirit day LOL! okay well we had our pep rally during second block and it was outside. i thought it was gonna be scorching hot like last year which was pure hell .. but it was soo nice outside lol .. there was like a huge group of us in the front and we were SO goddamn loud. we were like SOPHOMORESS!! 06 06! haha i had sooo much fun lol .. i think we're so much louder than the seniors lol ;-p the juniors are DEAD as hell i swear they all juss sit there the whole time and the freshman .. dont get me started on them haha .. ma friends started the whole GO HOME FRESHMAN chant .. lol funni stuff. we were so loud tho my throat started to hurt lol .. the football team had to introduce themselves n when it was thomas' turn i was like WOOOOOOOOOOOO!! haha .. good times. anyways - after that third block was boring and lunch we all juss talked and we were laughin bout stuff i dont even remember lol it was like me thomas kelli ash joe and kevin at one table lol .. we're so dumb tho they were throwing pizza at eachother. and uuh fourth block we had a SUBSITUTE lol .. so we did a lil work and then juss chilled. the guy was so funni though .. he kept saying how he liked my handwriting haha and omg there were lots of people in the hallway so me and kelli jus went out there but we had to sign a paper saying we wouldnt go far from the door haha .. LOL then yah thats the end of my day basically .. got home and heard a story about how two faced some people are and how some people pose as friends but realli are talking shit behind your back. its funni how others think they know something but in reality they only know what you TELL them .. so fuck you .. you know who you are hopefully and if you DONT know what im talking about .. dont ask me. ANYWAYS. homecoming game tomorrow ;D and HOMECOMING DANCE SATURDAY. cant FUCKING wait. i LOVE pompano! lol

    i L0VE TH0MAS S0 MUCHHH >> ASHii #1

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