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sen0rita__ (xb00tylici0usx) wrote,
@ 2003-10-20 14:38:00
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    Current mood:grateful
    Current music:112 - anywhere [[ old school lol ]]

    TWiN DAY - - > o3
    OK well last night gina and i went to wal-mart with my dad lol .. shes hilarious i luv that grl! lol yah today was another WOO day lol .. so yeah its HOMECOMiNG WEEK ... fun fun fun :-D today was TWiN day .. ash kel and me had shirts that sed "iM WiTH STUPiD" lol omg it was soo kute .. mr.frey took a pic of us for the yearbook lol we're so cool! anyways. haha .. i got to school super early [6:30AM] and talked to kelli and blah blah .. went to first block .. did nothing .. i handed in my poem for the literary magazine :-D second block we took a test i probably failed .. oh oh i gave thomas a card that i bought at the mall saturday. i hope he liked it :-/ i wrote so much in it and like the theme of it was No Matter What, I Love You and it had like a lil poem it was cute :-D haha .. then umm yah health class we juss talked about teenage pregnancies and junk .. at LUNCH ooh man haha we took pics and ya it was funni stuff .. fourth block did soo much unnecessary work .. then went HOME! omg guys i am so happi .. today was one of my happiest days lol .. i am so in love with thomas and right now i feel like that wont ever change .. i was SO happi and STiLL am! i love love love him .. hehe :-D i went into second block and my friend was like "you and thomas got back together didnt you" and im like howd yu know? LOL and shes like "i could see your smile from like a mile away" lmao .. yuhh .. omg i got my school PiCTURES back hahaa .. it looks iight but one part of my hair is fo'ed up but erry1 on the bus was like OHH OHH AWW YU LOOK SO NiCE so im like ook whatever lol so im not gonna get re-takes cuz what if those are worse than the ones i have now? YEAH. uuh tomorrow is WACKY TACKY DAY and oh boy im gonna look so fucked up haha .. imma be mismatched and lookin VERY tacky lol .. ill take pics dont worri .. i love homecoming week lol and i cant WAiT for homecoming! i luvvv dancing .. iight well lata guys xoxo - -

    L0TS 0' LUV -> ASHLEY

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2003-10-11 20:37 (link)
lookie at that B E A Utiful girl matter what you say,
you are so beautiful to me,
you are so beautful to me,
cant you see,
you everything I hope for
you everything I need
you are so beautiful to mmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

you know who this is

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