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Greg (xander6464) wrote,
@ 2012-06-27 03:24:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:Coast To Coast AM---George Noory, WOC AM 1420

    Endless Irony
    I heard something really funny on the Nazi station ( I listen to them only because my corporate overlords have decreed that I have to if I want to listen to Coast live, though technically I can listen on the computer machine because I have StreamLink but for some mysterious and I'm sure quite coincidental reason, the live stream always freezes up and otherwise never works quite right...a little while ago. It was a promo for The Rush Limbaugh show and in it, Rush explained how the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats is that the Republicans will never force you to do anything.

    Really? The party that gave us mandatory seat belt laws, the Patriot Act, mandatory vaginal probes and wants to take away our large soft drinks isn't interested in micro-managing our lives? Just like their live and let live attitude towards abortion and gay marriage? No, forget gay marriage. That's the upper limit fantasy dream in a Republican controlled world. The possibly attainable goal for gays under Conservative leadership will be the end of them being forcibly held down while guys like Mitt Romney cut their hair.

    That's all humorous enough but the most hilarious current Stupid Republican Trick is the Voodoo Gun Control scare tactic. And it goes something like this: The Fast And Furious law enforcement program that was started by George W. Bush...Mitt has Etch A Sketched George out of the official version though, for some now being used by President Obama...Who has never ever done anything to even imply that he wants to take anyone's gun but Mitt has Etch A Sketched that out, kill innocent Mexicans and at the same time convince Americans to demand tougher gun laws.

    And Bubba and Cletus are buying it. They sincerely believe that the party that is desperately trying to take away their 96 ounce (96 ounces = 2.72155422 kilograms, for those of you in technologically backwards countries that haven't yet upgraded to a real measurement system) Slurpee's isn't going to try to take away their guns.

    And I'll admit that Mitt is going to be awfully busy probing vaginas, exporting jobs, giving tax breaks to corporations, beating up gays and getting car elevators installed in the garages at his vacation homes if he's elected...And he'll also have to build multi-floor hangers with elevators for Air Force One, too...but I suspect he'll work gun taking somewhere into his schedule.

    Of course, we can't blame Bubba and Cletus too much if Mitt makes it to the White House, because being poor illiterate no 'count white trash means they won't have been allowed to vote anyway...Ironically enough, especially in Red states...and that's why I'm going to feel sorry for them if their dream comes true and that uppity Negro is sent back to Chicago.

    Because what are they going to do when they get bored playing Dueling Banjos on the front porch? Go out and shoot up a gay bar like they used to? Not with Gun Taker Romney in the Oval Office they won't. I guess they could get up and go get a job...if they wanted to work and if there were any jobs available.

    I tell ya, if irony was gold, we'd all be as rich as Mitt. The only way for Bubba and Cletus to win and have any chance at a decent life for them and their 24 kids is for their worst nightmare to be reelected. I just wonder if they're smart enough to start trying to figuring out how to outsmart the voter purges now before it's too late and if they do, will they vote for the right guy.

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