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Greg (xander6464) wrote,
@ 2012-04-26 07:41:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:Morning Report With Mark & Steve, WOC AM 1420

    There Is An Important Difference
    Not all that long ago, in these very pages, I pointed out how Damon Vickers contradicted himself in his April 11 appearance on Coast by saying that the future is both important and unimportant and now the time has come to highlight another contradiction he made on the same show.

    In this one, he said that it doesn't matter who you vote for in November because both parties are the same and have the same goals...Which is entirely true up to a point and no one is more fed up with the Democrats than I am (The economy, along with a lot of other things need a lot more improving and Barry's drug policy needs massive improvement starting with a major "The war on drugs is over" announcement) but the even bigger point was perhaps best illustrated by Damon when he contradicted himself by saying that if Barrack is reelected there will likely many more companies involved in stem cell research than if Mr. Etch A Sketch is elected.

    Then again, maybe Mitt might surprise everyone by deciding that stem cell research is important after-all but that's a huge long-shot and it would be much safer to elect someone who doesn't change his mind more often than Newt changes sex partners and the real point is that the Coke/Pepsi argument, valid as it is, still contains one little element that too many people too often forget: Coke and Pepsi are similar but MOST PEOPLE CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE!

    And small as that difference is, we desperately need it. What we don't need is the full scale federalization of the Republican wars on women, the environment, the poor and everyone and everything else that isn't rich, white and over 50. In short, under Republican leadership, if you're Rush Limbaugh, you can be as gay, drug addicted and obnoxious as you want with no repercussions but for everyone else, those same things will be criminal activities. Along with just about everything else anyone would want to do.

    And the reason I'm so concerned about this right now is the poll that came out that says more Americans think that Mr. Flip Flop would be better for the economy. I know it sounds ridiculous and it's even more ridiculous to think that anyone but confused senior citizens would ever vote for him but the historical reality is grim: George Bush won. TWICE! By cheating...And to be fair, election rigging is a small insignificant crime compared to engineering the 911 attacks, killing thousands of soldiers and civilians by starting two illegal wars and breaking US and international law by torturing people but the point is that it could happen again if too many people make the race too close by voting for Mitt.

    And that's why I hope that everyone remembers that no matter how much the parties look and act the same in so many areas, there is a difference and we can't afford having another George Bush in the White House.

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