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Greg (xander6464) wrote,
@ 2012-04-18 08:14:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:Morning Report With Mark & Steve, WOC AM 1420

    Talk About Sounding Like A Stoned Hippie
    If you want more of those kinds of evil anti-American people in the Supreme Court, then don't get involved and let Obama take office again. Because I'll tell you this right now: If Barack Obama becomes the president in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.

    ---Ted Nugent, Saturday. April 14, 2012

    Ted, Ted, Ted. Talk about sounding like a stoned hippie. You'd think that someone who has spent so much time and effort over the years maligning, slandering and libeling Jimi Hendrix for being a junkie would at least make an effort to sound sober. Oh, I know that's a professional jealousy thing because Jimi did a billion times more in 27 mostly drugged out of his mind years than you could do in 270 but that's kind of getting off topic isn't it? Because we came here today to talk about politics, not music.

    Even though they are very similar. Because both Jimi and that other uppity Negro you also can't stand because he's more popular than you'll ever be have the nerve to be Black. So, see? I feel your bitterness. Jimi gave you everything you have today...Which isn't bad, you're rich and beloved by legions of 13 year old's who wish they could play Wango Tango the way you do and relax, I'm not saying it's 100% because of Jimi, he wouldn't have picked you if you didn't have some talent, the thing is that without the break he gave you, you never would have amounted to anything. Because you have no other talent. No one is ever going to give you an award for writing. Playing yes, writing no. For lyrics or prose.

    So Jimi only gets 99.9% of the credit. Including for this latest piece de la resistance, icing on top of the top of the cake idolatry you have of packs of elderly brain-dead paranoid conservative Republicans because he gave you the fame you needed to make it happen. And then you picked up the ball and ran with it yourself. Congratulations! You have finally cracked the post 13 fan base! And all you had to do was threaten the President Of The United States.

    And I really hope the Secret Service isn't spending much time and money investigating you. One thing that we should have learned by now is that conservatives, especially the crazier ones such as yourself, are all talk and no action and on the rare occasions when they do act it is to do the polar opposite of everything they said they would do (I do, however, hope they take away all your guns because that would just be cool).

    You know, like the tax and spend, small business crushing, economy ruining policy's of Ronald Reagan and George Bush. Oh, wait a second. I don't want a bunch of Republican's to get mad at me so let me just say this about that, Ronnie wasn't to blame for what he did because he was a senile old man who could barely remember his own name.

    Seriously, if you had attended just one NSA meeting with him, you wouldn't have trusted him to feed your goldfish while you were in Vegas for three days but where were we? Oh yeah, the evil anti-American racist none too bright people who are led around by the nose by washed up pop stars because they admire their gun collections and their equally mysterious and incredible talent of sounding stoned to the bone while being completely sober.

    And their poster child, Mitt "Etch A Sketch" Romney. And the animal abusing (Some of them do it with guns and bows and arrows and some do it by strapping the family dog to the roof of the car and driving 12 hours to Canada and still others do it by gutting environmental protections and isn't that what America all about? The freedom to express your hatred of all life and nature in any way you choose?), vaginal probing (Again, why bother having an America if you can't treat women like property?), life is sacred (As long as you're rich because the poor are disposable) hordes of brainless groupies who support them.

    In short, the stoned hippies who are being told what they want to hear by other stoned hippies like the Gonzo equivalent of Menudo himself, Ted Nugent and all I have to say about that is: Ted, keep talking. Every-time you open your mouth, Mitt's already astronomically low chances of winning go down even more.

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2012-04-19 19:36 (link)
get a grip

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2012-04-20 12:59 (link)
On what?

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