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Greg (xander6464) wrote,
@ 2012-02-29 05:04:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:Morning Report With Mark & Steve, WOC AM 1420

    That Was FMA
    If you watched the Oscars Sunday night, you have my sympathies. If you skipped the whole tired overblown affair and watched the House Of Lies marathon on Showtime the way God intended you to, good job but I want to remind you that any resemblance between me and Marty Kaan is entirely fictitious, coincidental and imaginary.

    Except for his fascination with Jeannie. And all the other women he sleeps with and/or is about to sleep with. But who isn't fascinated by them? So that one doesn't even count. And if you think differently, based on the present scenario, you are in dire need of a culture bound significant fold-up of your holistic dichotomy. Subject to change should the the intrinsic statistical differences variate, of course.

    Now that that developmental imperative has been exposed as the emerging guided fantasy it is, let's talk about the Oscars. Which were a rerun. The names were changed but if you remember May 16, 1929---And how could you forget it, because it was a Thursday?---you'll realize that a silent picture won that year, too.

    It was called Wings. And Charlie Chaplin was nominated for just about everything, so they took him out of all the regular races and just gave him a special award. Emil Jannings won Best Actor. Janet Gaynor won Best Actress and do I have to go on? We've already seen everything that happened on Sunday night.

    Including all the episodes of House Of Lies. But they were remarkably entertaining. Even the plot device they borrowed from Nurse Jackie where-in Jeannie is keeping her engagement secret from her coworkers. And sleeping with the musician in San Francisco...Well, OK, Jackie was keeping an actual marriage secret and it was the the pharmacist she slept with, multiple times and Jeannie only slept with the guitar player once (So far, anyway) but you get my point.

    So have we generated the needed explorical information sufficient to assuage the tyranny of the urgent paradox yet? I certainly hope so. But if you still feel the need for pilot exercises and follow-up studies, schedule them in a bathroom or hotel room so Jeannie can be topless.

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2012-04-26 00:27 (link)
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