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Greg (xander6464) wrote,
@ 2012-02-19 06:52:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:Bill Gable, CKLW Windsor-Detroit May 21 1977 Pt. 1 (58:04)

    Sanity, Common Sense And Humor
    For the first time since 2002, teen driving deaths are increasing ( and America is starting to panic. The sky is falling because in the first six months of 2011the number of deaths for 16 and 17 year old's went from 190 to 211 as opposed to 2010.

    That's some surprise isn't it? The economy improves a tiny little bit, a few more kids start driving and a few more of them start dying. As if the tons of new laws we passed making it harder for them drive and easier for them to go jail like the common worthless criminals they are don't matter to them at all!

    And what's the solution? Pass more new laws that won't work any better than the old new laws we've been passing! Be tougher! That's the consensus. And when the teen death rate ultimately goes back to where it was and keeps rising every year...Assuming the economy gets better enough someday to allow that to happen...? Well, then we'll get yet more tough!!!

    What is most annoying about all this is that overall deaths for drivers in all age groups is down .9%. .9%!!!!!!! For .9% I have to make sure that everyone in the car, including those in the backseat are buckled up or face harassment from the Gestapo? For that kind of hassle I expect the death rate to be zero.

    I just hope that when the class warfare that my conservative friends fear so much and claim is already here does finally begin and the criminals who passed all these laws along with the collaborators who supported them are rounded up they are beheaded even before the bankers.

    I'm still firmly 100% against the death penalty but those executions aren't going to bother me a bit. And if it doesn't come to that, as it probably won't because dreams never come true and common sense never prevails? If the biggest miracle we can we can hope for is that the economy will improve enough to allow everyone to start driving again and all the death rates go right back to where they were?

    Will we realize that the only effective way to reduce driving fatalities is to slow down? That things like getting tough on impaired driving and distracted driving while making new drivers jump through ever more hoops to get a license are completely useless?

    And that slowing down can't be legislated? Just like new drivers can't be forced to be safe? That that can only be done by setting a good example? What a laugh. Everyone has to be somewhere fast and the only thing that's going to slow them down is a fatal crash.

    Forget the irony of how late a fatal crash will make you to wherever you have to be because it doesn't matter. It's not whether you win or lose (Or die or kill someone else or both), it's how you play the game and the problem is all those damn kids who don't know how to drive. And we can fix that by being tough and passing more laws!

    You know who I feel the most sorry for? Humorists. How do you parody a country where many people take Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann seriously? And believe that jackbooted thuggery will save kids...And we haven't even gotten into how we keep breeding like rabbits while simultaneously not giving all these new people any chance of ever having a decent life nor have we speculated on how many of these fatal teen crashes are really suicides. Forget about giving kids a reason to not want to die, that's just crazy.

    I bet a good portion of the adult crashes are intentional suicides, too. And the real victims remain the comedy writers. You can complain all you want about how Saturday Night Live hasn't been funny since 1980 and blame whoever you want for it but if you want to see the real culprit, just look in the mirror. All I asking is that you remember that the next time you step into a voting booth. Bring sanity, common sense and humor back to the US! The rallying cry for this election should be: Make SNL funny again!

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