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shana (x_shana_x) wrote,
@ 2004-02-04 00:33:00
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    Current mood:sore
    Current music:Stockholm syndrome - blink 182

    my dream
    Last night i talked to simon on msn for about 5 hours. it was great to talk to him and find out all the things i wanted to know but i just really miss him now. anyway in the 3-4 hours of sleep i had last night i dreamt a wacky dream:
    Well for some reason a hit man was out to kill all the people i know. We were in a house and the guy was out the front in a car shooting at us. All my friends were getting shot down and killed around me and i had blood splattered down my clothes. Then the house was on fire and simon saved me. We got in a car and he drove me home to get clean clothes so we could go to his place and i could stay with him. We weren't together but he just cared about me.
    I think this symbolises simons love and care for me and helping me when i'm losing the people i need(friends being killed) and everything around me is falling apart(house on fire).
    Maybe i'm just a loony but i think it means something...
    I miss him so much. i need him so bad. I'm incomplete and helpless without his support. i need to get through this by myself and i need to be strong. it seems pointless to try. i love him and i dont want him to be hurting like i am. he is stronger than me and he can do it.
    My stomach aches so badly. There is tears in my eyes from the pain. hopefully it will go away when i stop thinking about this

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