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shana (x_shana_x) wrote,
@ 2003-09-22 17:19:00
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    haven't written anything in a while...i guess i haven't really thought of anything worth whinging bout. I'm gonna have a sister. Dad's bf had an ultra sound and its a girl. thats pretty sick. I'd rather a sister than a brother. Well yeh dad's in the phillipines...
    Oh i know what i can whinge about! There's been 3 pple in the past 2 weeks that have had parties and all my have been invited sept me... that made me feel like a piece of worthless shit... so ye hanyway friday night lauren had a party and she had about 15 pple apparently. well i thought i could compensate for not being invited and have a better time then them without them. so i planned to drink with simon...but mum didnt get home till 8pm so i didnt get to go over till 9pm. we still drank but by the time i got there i didnt really feel like it. So while all my friends were at laurens i sat at home by myself. yippee...
    Simons mate matt is having a party this friday night. so yeh i'll hopefully have a better time this weekend.
    i wish i had more friends. or at least more friends that i can be close to. i feel really lonely. like amelia is always there for me but she has so many other close friends so i can't always hang out with her. theres not really anybody else that i can always rely on.
    i think even my friends look down on me. none of them do what i do. they dont drink and they dont have sex. like if i tell amelia i got pissed on the weekend she'll just be like "oh ok". they dont like what i do for fun.

    Stay cool kids.
    over and out

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2003-09-28 23:52 (link)
I dont drink every weekend, i drank 2 weekends in a row but thats the first time i've ever done it. I've probably only drank about half a dozen times ever. i dont do it that often. Simon drinks all the time but he does it with his mates. i'm not gonna be drinking anymore anyway not after what happened on saturday night. i'll write about it later.

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