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shana (x_shana_x) wrote,
@ 2003-09-02 19:51:00
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    I went to the family planning clinic this arvo after school to see the doctor about going on the pill, she it to me and i start next time i get my rags....hmm...mum took me but i dont think she was happy about it because she thinks i'm too young to be on it and thinks it will make me infertile forever. stoopid mummy. i guess shes just worried i'm growing up way too quick. simons like " oh yeh sex with no dommy" hehe he's so funny.
    its fathers day on sunday and i'm not getting him anything thebastard doesnt deserve it, he tryed to tell me i have to eat beans tonight...i'm old enough to dcide if i want beans! Argh is so annoying the way he tries to control me. I'm gonna mow his lawn on sunday coz i want money to go to melbourne but then i'm gonna leave straight afterwards. He goes to the phillipines not this weekend but next, the baby is so close to be being born...cant believe i'll have another sibling! wow...
    I'm geting too interupted coz i'm talking on msn so i keep losing my train of thought...i'll write later

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It's a mad world...
2003-09-04 03:31 (link)
How old are you anyway? I forget if you told me or not, probably not. Having kids is overrated anyway. If you're like 13 and you're having sex, I'd probably laugh. My sister is 14, and some her friends were fucking when they were like 12. That's pretty sick, man. Earlier and earlier... I swear. I mean, I was young. But I wasn't a baby. Oh well, lol. I just felt like commenting cos I can. Yay.

- D.

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Re: It's a mad world...
2003-09-04 05:25 (link)
I'm the same age as ur sister, 14....some may think its young but thats their opinion i don't really care. lol laugh away! I played soccer against ur sister a few months ago i think yeh thats when the season finished

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Re: It's a mad world...
2003-09-05 02:22 (link)
Oh. Well, that's interesting. And you know, I think that is pretty fucking young, lol. I'm sorry, but I do. But do whatever you wanna do, cos it's your life. And if that's what you choose, right on.

- Dan.

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