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Cassandra (x_sassafrass) wrote,
@ 2003-12-11 00:20:00
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    Current mood:contemplative
    Current music:My Immortal* Evanescence

    The week is going by very fast! Sunday nite Matt came over and we watched Austin powers. Now we have finally seen all 3 movies together lol. We had a great time. =) Monday I had a good therapy session. I got to work out with Alex. She is so nice and we have a lot in common. We got to put the heat on it felt really good. We had an extra long session cuz they had us in the back and I think they forgot about us lol. I'm glad i wasn't alone or I would have been bored. Tuesday night we had our chorus Christmas concert. It went very well. I think we did a good job and sounded well. I brought my cam to take some pics but it was like mass confusion in the gym. Everyone was loud and running around so I didn't get any. I had therapy again today. Alex told me that she will be done soon becuz she started a few weeks before me. I will miss seeing her. It makes it easier to work out with some company. It was a quiet night tonight. I stayed home and worked on some new graphics and chatted online. I had a few very nice convos. Thankies Shaynie<33 =) I think I know what I want for Christmas now. I hope Santa is listening! I'm off to bed. Sweetie Dreamies

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2003-12-11 16:01 (link)
hey* what do you want for christmas cass?

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2003-12-11 20:20 (link)
I can't tell my wish or it might not come true!

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2003-12-12 13:32 (link)
hehe .. is it an ITEM?

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2003-12-12 16:29 (link)
Well you know what they say.... the best things in life aren't "things" hehe

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2003-12-13 12:00 (link)
lol cassie -- hope you get it!

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