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Cassandra (x_sassafrass) wrote,
@ 2003-09-27 01:07:00
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    Current mood:thoughtful
    Current music:the Scientist* Coldplay

    Yay it's the weekend! Tonight I went to the game with Matt and the girls. We lost again. =( There weren't that many people at the game. I got a few good pics for the page. I did get to see my fav guy though! I love you Keegan! He is the sweetest! Why can't all guys be like him? I was fighting with Erik at the game. LOL! He is VERY afraid of me now! hehe! We all went to Wendy's after the game. It was me, Sarah, Steph, Shell, April, Matt, Nick,Roy, Kristen, Hector, Larry, Nick and Billy. We were singing songs on the way there. P.I.M.P. LOL Matthew! We had a lot of fun. We were still eating and those meanies at wendy's made us leave! It was very quiet online tonite. I made a bunch of new icons! I always get creative when I am upset. I either have to dance or make graphics to let out my frustrations! I heard some things today that really upset me. I know it's my own fault for trusting people. I don't know why people have to talk about other people that they claim to "care" about. They should know the hurtful things that you say always come back to the person you said them about. Why pretend to care about someone when all you do is hurt them? It makes no sense to me. I guess none of us want to believe that stuff about someone we want to trust. I'm one off those silly romantic types that want to believe that romance can still still exist. I had to learn my lesson the hard way AGAIN! I read a really nice quote tonight and I made a new icon with it. It says... I don't want the moon and the stars, just someone that will lay under them with me. I really want that. Maybe someday it will happen.

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