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jen (x_ender_x) wrote,
@ 2003-06-12 10:56:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:jimmy eat world // softer

    now i'm getting a sick taste in my mouth from the medicine that i can't keep down...
    last night was the dinner dance. it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be, i guess. first we had dinner with our parents.. my parents and i sat at a table with emily and her parents. the food was gross.. i didn't eat a lot. i just had the stuffed shells because i can't resist italian food. the chicken looked so gross i didn't even attempt it and trusted emily's good judgement when she said it didn't taste like chicken. you know something is wrong with it when it doesn't taste like what it's supposed to be.

    then the awards were given out. i got honor roll, can i get a what what? (what what!) i'm not gonna be grounded or get yelled at and stuff, yay! my mom was kind of pissed that i didn't get any other awards, though.. they were mainly all for community service and shit around the school. i helped out, just not consecutively enough to recieve an award for it. she didn't seem to understand that, though.

    then it was time to watch the video. it was so sad.. it was a video mrs. yeager made of like baby pictures of us and stuff.. my mom was balling, haha. i knew she would be. i teared up a little at the beginning but i didn't cry. man, there were some horrible pictures of me on that tape, haha.

    then was the dance. i actually liked the dance, probably because it was only the eighth grade. it was fun. we mostly hung out and inhaled helium and such.. haha.. 'guys, i don't think it worked.. ahh! it did! my voice is all weird!' good times, good times.

    then when i came home my parents gave me my graduation present. it's this kickass 5 cd changer stereo. i looove it. what sucks is it doesn't work, haha. stuff like this always happens to me!! i plugged it in and everything and i put a cd in and tried to play it and it said 'no disc' so i opened it again and the cd wasn't there. so i was freaking out and i had to reach my hand in and pull the cd out which took like 45 minutes and now it won't close. so we have to take it back and get another one, heh.

    ahhh i got the coolest necklace thing.. haha, it's like this mardi gras bead thing but it says 'congrats grad'. it's so hot, i'm wearing it everywhere.

    i'm downloading songs to burn my daddy a cd for father's day. woot woot, i'm so cheap.

    At like 11:30 luke and i are gonna walk up to cabana and then go to the middle school.

    graduation is tonight at 7:30. i’m kind of nervous... knowing me, i’ll trip and fall or stutter or fuck up or something while i’m doing my reading. i really hope i don’t. i hope things just go smoothly. i also get my report card tonight. i got honor roll, but i'm not sure if that’s for third marking period or my final overall grade for the year. because i thought i did horribly this marking period. oh well. hopefully it’s for the third marking period.

    anybody ready for some pictures? yeah, that's what i thought. ho. these pictures are from eric's birthday party, the trip to baltimore, and some other random ones.

    this was taken at the oriole baseball park in baltimore. in it is: me, tori, emily, eric, luke, mike, sean rader, caitlin, steve, and sean yeager.

    caitlin getting 'uncomfortably close to sharks.'


    marian trying to be a penguin.. lol

    sean, emily, nick, and tori on the paddle boats.

    caitlin and i playing the arcade game we played the whole time we were there.. it was so awesome. snow mobile power, represent.

    me with my oh-so-sexy mardi gras bead necklace.

    me in my awesome dress that i wore to the dinner dance.. hotness (the dress, not me.. haha)

    -- jen

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2003-06-12 13:59 (link)
aww thats such a cute dress that you have on in the last one :D helium is a lot of fun to play around with. its makes you sound all funny. lots of fun :D glad you had a good time. and i <3 your icon by the way



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