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jen (x_ender_x) wrote,
@ 2003-06-10 17:48:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:avenged sevenfold // darkness surrounding

    just enjoy it. open your mind and you will feel it, too...
    mm.. food is good, especially when you're all hungry and stuff.

    after i updated i called luke and we walked to cabana and got water ice and then we walked to the middle school to say hi to people. tori met us there. we saw justin, but he had to go to some meeting. then tori and andy left and luke and i hung out with bill, eric, and steve. we dropped off their backpacks at eric's and just walked around. and then when we went back to eric's, eric's dog like tackled bill.. it was so funny. then we all sort of parted and i walked to tori's and hung out with her for a little bit.

    then i came home and eat dinner, and it was yummy.. especially since i didn't eat lunch, heh. i'm probably gonna go back over to tori's soon because she got these awesome tiki torch things and we're gonna go swimming. fun stuff.

    wow, a lot going on this weekend. alex's graduation party is friday night. saturday is luke's graduation party, sean's graduation party, and a nr show. sunday is tori's graduation party. i'm annoyed that there's two graduation parties on the same day of a show that i really want to go to.. sadness. the show starts at like 4.. luke's party starts at 3 and then i'm not sure what time sean's party is.

    -- jen

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2003-06-10 22:05 (link)



<33 caitlin

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