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Tomorrow is today and Today is the end. (x_die_fighting_) wrote,
@ 2004-04-11 16:00:00
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    Current mood:bored
    Current music:The Banner-Apocolypse

    mmm yesterday i saw Sean,Jimmy,Aaron,Albert,Tim and some other kid thats friends with Albert.I went to Tims house to skate then went to Aarons house to skate with a bunch of people.We played skate and shittt.And i WHOOPED Alberts a-hole.Then i went to the mall with tim cause i was supposed to meet Jess there and go to new york with her and John and Nicole.So we got to the mall and saw Diego and Jennine.Diego looks like the lead singer/skater from Blindside.

    Then we met up with Jess and them and headed to NYC.We went to the Pink Pussy and then Jess made me walk up 200 stairs with her, only to find that we could have walked up 2 stairs and would have been able to go in.DUMBASS.Then we drove around for a little and raced some bitches in Johns Altima(thats where its at).Then we went to Menlo Park Diner and ate some stuff.

    Then we went to drop off Nicole cause she was supposed to be home at 1.Then we got dropped off at Tims and we watched skate videos and shit.Then ZzZZzzz<33

    There's just that something about her.

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