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Zoey-Jayne (x__torn__x) wrote,
@ 2003-12-25 22:00:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:Finch

    Back In Black...ACDC, what?
    well. Nothing huge has happened since my last contact with you people of the internet. me and my Caleb are doing great. Were going to see Staind in 8 days...cant wait! A Perfect Circle will be there too, that Calebs flave, so were all happy. It was funny bc I was reliving my Surprise b-day party that Calebv gave my head and I was liek you should dedicate Sweet Zoey Jayne to me(the Staind song...duh) and he goes thats sick and wrong, I would be like fucking my was funny. AND WHAT! lol well. Lance is offically skating for DC...go boy. So is Caleb, well he has been. but yeah. Well schools going good too I guess, me and Brandon skip at least 2 hours a week. Exams went good,accept Algebra2, me and brandon cheated on that one...we cheated bad. that teacher is pretty cool though, so she might not notice or might notice and not say anything...I hope its one of those bc we'd be in alternative school bc our school has "No Tolerance On Cheating!!" gah they're such fags! me and Brand know the shyt, we were just too blowed to remember it. um English went good, obviously, God knows about Chemistry, I had to get a 10 or higher to pass for the semester so...lets hope for the best, Creative Writing was professionally scored, well teh writing part, we had a mechanics part and I got a 99, on the "Professionally Scored Writing Exam" I got a 4...whats new. just kidding, I didnt expect that actually because alot of teh time scorersdont like my writing bc its "too personal with characters" but I say fuck you its myyyyyyy story!, Art we had to make up a creative peice, mine is a drawing on a piece of paper thats 2 foot my 3 foot and just has crazy pictures of people and designs and writing and stuff Mr. Kraven said it was "badass" History, I think I did good, it was teh only test I was actually serious during, I think I did good, I hope so, I studied a little bit...? oh well. hm well. Merry Christmas!! I totally forgot about saying that. My family is just pretty much chillin for this one, were leaving to go to Hawaii tomarrow, its gunna be real fun, Im taking Brandon, I asked Caleb but he has all kinds of skating stuff to do, hes also a modle for DC and he has all kinds of shoots and stuff, he's in the Journeys mag. sometimes, its cool. well I cant complain bc Ill still have 3 of my 4 favorite guys(Lance, Brand, Brady, and Caleb) and we'll be in Hawaii. Im glad I dont have that kind of relationship where I cant stand to be with out my guy, I mean yeah sometimes Im mad missing him but I dont go crazy or anything, I just figure it gives me somthing to look foreward to so. So back to Christmas, my fam was happy with theyre gifts I think(hope). I got Jayce some Lego truck thing, he loves it, everybody chipped in a got Lexi a trampoline, I got Brady a gc to some store where he can get cool shyt for his "car stereo system", All the kids chipped in to get Lance a ramp and stuff built in the back by the pool, then my parents paid for the other $2,000...hah. I got my car from my dad...he knew I knew that. my exmom sent me some clothes and I sent them back, Marie got me a gc to the mall and its like $200 for shopping, and then you get a free "hairstyle" and makeover, is she hinting jk shes way cool now that shes fat and cant move. The babies are coming quickly hah. I cant wait...yay. me and Caleb were watching Freaky Friday last night and I deicded I wanna get hilites, like bleach blonde ones, theyll look cool, oh yeah I cut my hair short, its liek real short, its cute though, of course it is, its on me!!!!!!!! well then Im out.

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