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..CAiTLYN * (x0_high_h0pez) wrote,
@ 2004-12-04 17:36:00
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    Current mood:bored

    yesterday- school.
    1st block- soo soo tired don't really remember lol.
    2nd block- test. piece of cake ;] [yeahh ok i probably failed anyway lol]
    3rd block- hadda sub. she was nice and we didnt do anything most of the block lol.
    lunch- talked to alicia and jess.. which one is worse?! lmaoo
    4th block- volleyball. we beat everyone we played.
    after school- meg came over. after she left i went on the computer and tried to make plans with lica - no such luck lol. we couldnt get a ride so lic went out. but then meg sed her mom could take us and me, meg, and jess were on our way to menlo mall to go the movies. we were about to pass meg brack's house and we thought she was home so we called and sed "were outside your house. can you be ready in .5 seconds?" lol then we met alicia at the mall and went into the movie. we saw nathaniel and ashley and eric and meg sat with eric. the movies was tremendusly boring. do not see finding neverland its friggen gayy lol. then my dad took us home. im running out of text messaging minutes i think ? lol.
    today- sat at home and talked on the computer. i think im almost finished with that newspaper project THANK GOD. im soo bored its not even funny. leave messages and i will love you foreverrrr =]. x0o maximum love, caitlyn

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2004-12-04 21:33 (link)
which is worse.. which is worse.. ?? what the heck were we talking about at lunch i don't remember this! lol omg i watching the year without a santa claus. <3 holy jumping beans do i love this movie! it's probably pathetic but do i care? not at all haters ;] maximum love? you are one CrAzY girl. it's gunna snow, ho ho! right here in dixie! all will white over night - it will be cold! straight pimpin' ;] lylas bf4e Ox keepin' it real _ LiC*

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2004-12-05 14:12 (link)
yo nigga!

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2004-12-05 17:48 (link)
which is worse?? - remember ***** or **** ??? lmaoo one has big teeth and one has a big nose lolol. you remember i know it. the year without a santa claus is the best everrrrr. and wats wrong with maximum love? its sounds soo cool if you say it lol. and it better snow soooon. lylas4e caitlyn

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