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..CAiTLYN * (x0_high_h0pez) wrote,
@ 2004-10-15 16:02:00
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    Current mood:bored
    Current music:none

    taken from lic.. thanks hun
    Name: caitlyn
    backwards: nyltiac
    Does your name mean anything?: nope
    Were you named after anyone?: no
    Nickname: cait . caitie . conehead . roxy . albie . mapa . doc . bobby . cat . rebecca . natalie . sweet . public . and many more
    Screenname: x high h0pes
    Date of birth: 6/12/90
    Place of birth: jfk hospital
    Current location: port reading, nj
    Religion: catholic
    Height: 5'3
    Shoe size: 8.5
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: green
    What do you look like?: idk
    Righty, lefty, or ambidextrous?: lefty ;]
    How old are you mentally?: 16 i think i got on a quiz once.. lol
    Describe yourself in 5 words: idkk.. so i asked other ppl for me lol..
    cool nice funny crazy nut <--alicia
    cool hyper pretty funny thebestest <--jessica
    sweet friendly hyper funny jessicasabreysbestfriend <-- sabrey
    What are your worst qualities: a little too agressive and loud and annoyingggg
    What are your best qualities: i guess that im never really shy and i can talk to almost everyone

    Do You Have...
    Any sisters: nope
    Any brothers: yeah.. mike - 10
    Any pets: a dog [maggie -aka- margaret]
    A disease: nope
    A pager: no
    A personal phone number: i usta when i was younger.. why i dont have it anymore i dont even know lol
    A leather jacket with studs on it?: lol nope unfortunately ;]
    A heroin needle: um no
    A pool or hot tub: a pool
    A Car: not me but my parents

    Describe Your...
    Personality: idkkkk
    Driving: wow i cant now but when i do ill probably suck at it lol
    Car or one you want: i wana yellow lambourgini
    Room: medium size, full size bed, tv, pretty big closet, kinda clean lol
    School: ehh its getting better.. im not guna miss any school
    Relationship with your parents: alright..

    Do You...
    Believe in yourself?: yeah
    Believe in love at first sight?: yess
    Consider yourself a good listener?: uh huh
    Consider yourself a good friend?: most times
    Get along with your parents: at times
    Save your e-mail or conversations: nahh
    Pray: in church
    Believe in reincarnation: yepp
    Like to make fun of people: i dont like to but it happens
    Like to talk on the phone: yeaa
    Like to drive: i never drove before
    Get motion sickness: yeah
    Eat chicken fingers with a fork: nope
    Type with your fingers on home row: negative
    Sleep with a stuffed animal: uhh not a stuffed animal but my heart pillow if that counts lol

    What Was/Is (or Are)...
    Right next to you: soda, remote, lamp, radio, and calculator
    your room: alotta junk lol
    On your mouse pad: black
    Your dream car: yellow lambourgini <3
    Your dream date: w.e
    Your dream honeymoon spot: bahamas
    Your dream husband/wife: ..
    Your bedtime: 11
    Under your bed: crates with old things
    The single most important question: why?
    Your bad time of the day: morning =/
    Your worst fear(s): dying, losing my best friends.
    The date?: 10/15/04
    The best trick you ever played on someone?: i deno..
    The weirdest food or drink that you like?: popercaksh =]
    The hardest thing about growing up?: losing friends
    Your funniest experience: too many to name!
    Your scariest moment?: when randy and chris scared us that night of my party
    The stupidest thing you've said?: japenese people, where do the letters go when you erase them, let's go up the down escalators, i broke my spine!, sooo many more lmao
    How long have you lived here, half a decade?: huhHh?
    The funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of the opposite sex?: hahahahaha idkkk
    Craziest thing that's ever happened while with your friend(s)?: wow i cant even think of one specific one lol
    The worst feeling in the world?: when someone breaks up with you

    Number: 2
    Color: pink
    Day: friday
    Month: june and july
    Song: tiger lily
    Movie: remeber the titans and school of rock
    Food: gummi bears.. or that considered candy?
    Band: tbs and matchbook romance
    Season: summer
    Sport: cheering
    Class: english
    Teacher: mrs q
    Drink: root beer
    Veggie: tomato
    TV Show: real world philadelpia
    Radio Station: 100.3
    Store: pac sun, aero
    Animal: dog
    Flower: rose

    Love + Relationships...
    Do you have a bf/gf?: nope
    Do you have a crush?: yeahh
    How long have you liked him/her?: 1 day lol
    Why do you like this person?: alotta reasons
    If you're single...why are you single?: idk you tell me
    How long was your longest relationship?: 1 month and 1 day
    How long was your shortest relationship?: 2 days lol
    Who was your first love?: ray
    What do you miss about them?: that he dont talk to me anymore..
    Who was your last bf/gf?: drew

    The Past...
    Last thing you heard: music
    Last thing you saw: jess's im
    Last thing you said: thanks
    Who is the last person you saw?: my grandma
    Who is the last person you kissed?: drew
    Who is the last person you hugged?: kathleen
    Who is the last person you fought with?: my dad
    Who is the last person you were on the phone with?: jess blockus
    What is the last TV show you saw?: real world

    The Present...
    What are you wearing?: my cheering uniform
    What are you doing?: this survey and listening to music
    Who are you talking to?: jess, jess, lic, and john
    What song are you listening to?: cute without the e
    Where are you?: in my basement
    Who are you with?: no one
    How are you feeling?: bored
    Are you in a chatroom?: nope

    The Future...
    What day is it tomorrow?: saturday
    What are you going to do after this?: go to the movies
    Who are you going to talk to?: alicia jess jess and john lol
    Where are you going to go?: movies
    How old will you be when you graduate?: uh 17
    What do you want to be?: a graphical artist for a magazine
    What is one of your dreams?: live to 100
    Where will you be in 25 years?: idk

    Have You Ever...
    Drank?: no
    Smoked?: no
    Had sex?: no
    Stole?: nahh
    Done anything illegal?: probably lol
    Wanted to die?: yeah
    Hit someone?: uh huh

    What do you most like about your body?: smile even though its nun special at least its something i dont hate lol
    And least?: hair
    How many fillings do you have?: 0
    Do you think you're good looking?: no
    Do other people often tell you that you're good looking?: not really
    Do you look like any celebrities?: nope

    Do you wear a watch?: nope
    How many coats and jackets do you own?: idk
    Favorite pants/skirt color?: jean lol
    Most expensive item of clothing?: idk..
    Most treasured?: ^
    What kind of shoes do you wear?: pink and black adios
    Describe your style in one word: not so good.. oh well
    How long does it take you get ready in the mornings: 1 hour

    Do you write in cursive or print?: print
    What piercings do you have?: 6
    Do you drive?: no
    Do you have glasses or braces?: neither

    1st block- assembly. =] pretty fun.
    2nd block- worked on projects. nic cagg, sean, and mubi are in my group lol.
    3rd block- umm i dont remember lol.
    lunch- rebecca and dana came to sit with us! me and becca started writing notes to each other which we will do foreverrrr lol.
    4th block- volleyball! me and bec had another great play lmao lylas4e.
    after school- cheering was cancelled. went to coaching. those kids are great. came home and talked on the computer while doing my sketch.

    1st- painted. ill never finish.. =/ lol.
    2nd- watched presentations.
    3rd- test.
    4th- volleyball.

    [ i l u s m k ] 145 * <3 =]
    love always, caitlyn

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2004-10-19 19:20 (link)
youve found a new person to write notes too. and it wont be long until she replaces me totally. :[

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2004-11-02 10:58 (link)
you sayd your dream is to live to 100 nd then you also you want to die. wtf? that don't make sense sweetie.

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