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She's a heartbreaker, dream maker (prettyliesxx) wrote in wrotemyquotes,
@ 2006-08-10 23:18:00
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    heres some i wrote, they're not so good but comment please :)

    When there’s thunder in your throat, I hope I’m on your mind

    I hate the comments people make
    The things they seem to say
    They’ll say it behind my back
    I’d rather it to my face
    Until it makes me cry
    I didn’t know it’d hurt so bad

    Life looks so much better when you're six feet underground

    Wait a moment while I fade away, you're watching from the doorway to my room.

    How can you ignore the fact shes crying, when we all know its over you
    She cries each night, you don’t think I can hear you
    You’re right next to me in your room
    You put on to much make up the next morning
    And smile like its okay

    you didn't give me what I asked for, you gave me so much more

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2006-08-13 11:02 (link)
I liked this one:
Life looks so much better when you're six feet underground

some of them were more like poems then quotes. keep writing tho, the more quotes i write the better they get each time.

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