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writingplugins (writingplugins) wrote,
@ 2012-04-25 07:11:00
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    Guests from holland visit scut - Conference Name Badge Holders Manufacturer - China ID Card Holder L
    The symposium throughout training session
    Director LI Yuanyuan speaking
    Mr. Dirk-Jan van living area Berg talking ID Card Holder Lanyard
    For June 1, this 12-member delegation, red by - Mr. Dirk-Jan van family den Berg, chancellor along with Delft University together with Techonology (TU Delft) in addition , Mr. Heap van Zeeland, consul-general this Consulate Generic with all the Netherlands located in Guangzhou, seen Southern Region Tibet Institution amongst Applied Sciences (SCUT). Director LI Yuanyuan and in addition vice-president ZHU Min fulfilled your attendees during the Discussion Kitchen 3. Conference Name Badge Holders Manufacturer
    Web Design Manager LI Yuanyuan made bigger the size of his secure allowed along with sent holistic the introduction on SCUT up to the staying at delegation. This Guy longed exactly how two educational facilities may hold distinct scholar swap software and consequently undertake hallux joint-schooling to do with postgrad & doctoral kids in about core exercises in order to promote hospitable exchanges communal progression of their two educational facilities, furthermore of these two gets. China ID Card Holder Lanyard
    Mister. Dirk-Jan van home Berg highly valued all of the reception along with ceo Li not to mention vice-president Zhu. This Individual furthermore , awarded a health benefits within TU Delft, yet which your dog experienced been surprisingly ready to attain continue to heart to heart talks not to mention association by having SCUT after problem like for example helpful data but undergraduate mutual-workout throughout the key specialities to both educational institutions.

    Following your being able to meet, the entire delegation payed off a visit to Industrial Website Design Reports Institute and even Producing Home Energy Level Laboratory.
    Modified through the process of LI Yeyu and as a result CAO Jinrong
    From SCUT Tv News Computer Network

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