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write the wrong (write_the_wrong) wrote,
@ 2004-02-15 14:52:00
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    Current mood: listless
    Current music:brand new

    dont apologize i hope you choke and die
    yesterday i went to kims at like 515. michelle was over and megan. we just chilled then bills mom picked us up and took us up franklin mills. padge drama but it was fine. we were gonna see "butterfly effect" but they wouldnt sell us tickeys. faggots. so we saw "you got suurrrrved". it wasnt that bad tho. not my type of movie. but it was alright. michelle was cracking me up. then after the movie we saw krista and joe. boy was i happy. they used megan for a ride home. but what do you expect. so they followed us around til we were ready to leave. i seriously hate that kid but oh well. he knows i dont like him so it dont matter. we saw like everyone from joshs up there too. at liek 9 different times tho. bill hid me from gary. i felt bad but i got over it. so megans dad took me michelle kim and kristyn back to their house and we just like talked about prom and all. i hate that tho bc then i get all scared that i wont have a date. any takers? lol. i dont know. i came home called danielle and then went to bed around 130.

    today i had to get up at like 900 for my whole family over fora brunch for my grandparents anniversary. i like my family tho so it was fun. everyone left around like 2-230 and i think im gonna take a nap or something before i go out tonight. were going out for danielles birthday but i dont know what were doing. i dont think anyone does. we shall see. should be fun.

    i want to be intoxicated.

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you kno its love when...
2004-02-20 22:10 (link)
you got served was the bestest movie ever i wanna see it again n again. the black dude was so black n his cheeks hung low haha

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