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write the wrong (write_the_wrong) wrote,
@ 2004-01-19 17:07:00
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    Current mood: cynical
    Current music:starting line

    hi jersey
    an excerpt from kims journal up at 12:30 whoa.. lol.. then chilled got a shower.. came over kristens at like 4.. we chilled for a lil but called gary hahahah lmao fun shit.. ate dinner.. yum shitttt <3 lol we watched the game.. haha eagles lost lmao dont beat me up for saying that and kristen got married hahaha :) then we went downastairs and watched just married and friends 5 season holla lol.. then we listened to 900 cds.. called krista phone died. then we were up till like 3:30 then i died lol. kristen was trying to keep me up but it wasnt working haha..we didnt get to have our long talk :( noo lol we will tho ;)

    monday.. woke up at like 9:50 planned on going to mickey d's for breaky but that didnt happen..we were gonna get up but we werre dead and it was frezzing but we didnt feel like walking all the way up there so we died woke up at like 1.. watched tv got mr wings <333 yummm lol now were chillin i needa shower lol. im not excited to go back to school im so pissed argo.. well i think i rote enough so ill stop now..

    just change that around so it applies to me lol

    i love kim

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2004-01-20 17:57 (link)

why did you change journals?..its just like the old one but with bats..i like the bats but still

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2004-01-20 20:40 (link)
its the same thing but its just easier. dorkface

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