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Destiny Divine (words_r_worlds2) wrote,
@ 2003-08-05 21:56:00
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    Current mood: horny
    Current music:i get's high...styles p.

    amazing what time and distance can reveal
    well i've just move in with an old friend who i haven't seen in yrs and thogh she was alwas an amazngwoman to me she seems lie so much more.
    we met cause babygirl was hittin on me one night at the clubi was bartending at...we exchanged numbrs and though we went on a couple of dates nothing ever came of it...we just stayd close friends. now that i'm back around her though i'mfindig myself attracted to her. she's beautiful and has a body you could make love to till the next afternoon..fuck the next what is a girl to do..she has expresssed to me she has jst broken up with her girl and that she's notlookin for anything serious though we flirt all the time..we both r big flirts but she is allowing me to do little things like hold'm getting such mixed signals from her born day is this weekend and we r planning 2 go out clubbin...the next weekend s my born day and we will b clubbin then too..i gues what ever happens happens...though i'm thinking about backin up cause we r really good friends and i don't want to lose the beautiful relatioship we hae now or lose her totally cause of a break up.....hmmm. i have alot to think about....any suggestions ya'll
    by the way i'm new in here and want to make some friends i tried doing a search but it brought back 130 results i didn't want to suggest howi can find cool peeps in here?

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