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Destiny Divine (words_r_worlds2) wrote,
@ 2003-08-10 13:57:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:where's the eye peas

    ok this is the last quiz 4 today...i know i'm'
    The Love Vibes Quiz: Who is Your Best Match?

    Each Sign of the Zodiac shares a unique vibe with each of the other Signs. These relationships are called Harmonics. Each Harmonic represents a distinctive energy, a sort of general mood for each Sun Sign pair's union. Read your results and then consult the Love Vibes chart to find out which Signs are most compatible with your idea of perfect love!

    Note: Scores are rounded to one decimal place and therefore may not total 100%

    You scored 30% Sextile: Friendship and Loyalty

    A relationship of elemental harmony and amicability is what you're looking for. You desire a partner who shares your outlook on love and life, regardless of any differences in your exteriors. Passion and fire are less vital to your happiness than are true, abiding friendship and a productive creative life or career. You will be best satisfied by a partner who will be your help mate and your most loyal champion, someone who gives you support and yet realizes when you need your space. In your ideal relationship you can help one another grow and there's a mutual respect underlying everything you do together. What this partnership lacks in excitement it makes up in creativity and harmony. If you don't form a long-term love bond, you will nonetheless have a life-long friend. You should seek out a partner whose Sun Sign forms a Sextile to yours. Consult the Love Vibes chart and look for the Sign with which yours shares a 3 Vibration.

    You scored 30% Trine: Harmony and Understanding

    You are quite the romantic idealist! You desire the perfect love, the kind wherein respect, harmony and cooperation meld seamlessly with attraction and passion. The kind of relationship you seek will be with someone who, on the surface, seems quite different from you. You may have quite dissimilar ways of manifesting your inner drives, but at your core you share the same motivations regarding love, life, career, money, parenting -- whatever issues are most important to the both of you. This can be a union of transcendence of differences and a collaborative effort between two individuals toward a shared happiness. Since this type of bond feels so significant, there is a real danger of taking it all too seriously; just don't allow yourself and your ideal mate to become so wrapped up in your bliss that you alienate your friends and family. But warnings aside, you prize love, harmony and understanding; you should seek out a partner whose Sun Sign forms a Trine to yours. Consult the Love Vibes chart and look for the Sign with which yours shares a 5 Vibration.

    You scored 20% Square: Conflict and Excitement

    You're an adventurer in the game of love. Love at first sight, flings, spur-of-the-moment unions, Las Vegas drive-thru chapel weddings -- you fall for anything heady and spontaneous in romance. You're looking for someone who burns right through your fa├žade, a mate who forces you to fight for your happiness. If there's no challenge involved you're just not interested. Ease and harmony bore you; you seek friction and conflict as a means of personal growth. The push-and-pull of two very different personalities excites you. There's a karmic bond at work in relationships based on this dynamic; you may feel as if you've known your mate in another life, as though you two are fated to force one another to evolve. If you can eventually harmonize your tension, this can be a very constructive relationship -- but that is far more easily said than done. Still, the undertaking will be exciting, at the very least! You should seek out a partner whose Sun Sign forms a Square to yours. Consult the Love Vibes chart and look for the Sign with which yours shares a 4 Vibration.

    You scored 20% Opposition: Unity through Differences

    You're a person of extremes, an individual looking for a romantic challenge or an opportunity for significant personal growth. You're less interested in someone who's your mirror image than in a mate who, by way of the differences between you, will help you grow and realize your fullest potential. Maintaining the delicate balance among all your differing qualities is hard work, however; to make it work, you must both decide that your relationship is a priority. Neither of you can expect or demand to be the dominant partner; you must respect your individual identities. This bond can be very complementary if managed conscientiously; there is a unity underlying your basic personality conflicts. To exercise this type of dynamic, seek out a partner whose Sun Sign forms an Opposition to yours. Consult the Love Vibes chart and look for the Sign with which yours shares a 7 Vibration.

    ok i'm out no more quizzes today i'm about to get my hair braided by LANEEK the girl i was talkin bout before....
    peace ya'll

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2003-08-10 20:11 (link)
hey i added u back =)

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