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Kelc Paige (wordhell) wrote,
@ 2003-12-01 22:47:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Johns Sound Board Thing

    Def, Obv, Abriev.
    Whew. Weight off my shoulders. I havent written in here for a long time, because everytime I looked at the last comments I wanted to kill sara. Regardless. And i wanted to tell her how I felt, how I still feel, BUT I am trying to let time pass as it should, but not expressing myself was fucking killing me, so I kind of went by "if you cant say something nice, dont say anything at all" But now, i deleted that entry, just so I wouldnt have to look at the thing that pissed me so fucking bad. Now I can write in here again... for a while I guess, until Brooke gets me a livejoural code.

    So, right now it feels like Im on fucking speed, I have so much energy, and I feel..well. Its nice. Being sick for 2 weeks, and not being out of the house for 7 days can really do some damage to a persons stability in life. Today has been the first day that i have felt 85% okay again, and Ive been going nuts. I want out of this house so badly. I went to the doctor today and he gave me a magic shot of Heiroin, which is making me feel much better. On the other hand, I absolutely HATE HATE needles, and I was extremely afraid, when the doctor was done he gave me a hug and it was really nice and cute. But now my muscle in my arm hurts alot, like I just got punched really really hard.
    I really want to see Tim, he didnt call me today like he told me he would, but he did call me yesterday, so at least I know that everything is okay. It really freaks me out when I dont talk to him for like 3 or 4 days, i dont know why. I always worry that he is sick, then I question myself, and everything. I think Im pretty un self-assured, I worry about some crazy ass shit.
    One good thing about being sick though, is I lost 9 pounds. "I lost 9 pounds in one week, on the amazing new tosilitis diet" Unfortunately I think I lost it all in my boobs, which to quote my mother when I told her that I lost 9lbs of boobage "Its not like you had alot to lose in the 1st place" I REALIZE THAT MOM! that is why I didnt want to lost any weight in my boobs! I will have negative boobs! It wont be good. But then she assured me that it wasnt in my boobs and that I look fine.
    Ow. My arm hurts. Ow.
    Anyway, Im going to school tomorrow, it should be tons of fun. I miss Kayli and Brooke and Leah and... Kristen, and alot of people. I really miss Miller, Really Really miss Miller. But since Im a horrible friend I dont know her hospital number, or even if shes still in the hospital. I am horrible. Brooke is beating up some dyke tomorrow, but this girl really truely deserves it. And its not because shes a dyke, its because she said some really horrible things about Christopher, and needs to have the shit totally beaten out of her... with a baseball bat. I wish I could help, BUT, Im already in trouble for my attendance, I cant get kicked out for another 3 days. It would fuck me over big time. Which is a really pussy reason not to fight, but Im serious, they are already trying to take my credits away, and I have to leave for vacation in exactly 16 days. So no getting suspended for me.
    Speaking of Vacation, I am SO psyched!!! Las Vegas is going to be awesome, then Tuson for a week. Its like 75 degrees there right now. Tanning, tanning, sun, cute clothes, and...umm.. oh yah, my family. (Wow, top tep Kate like sentences.....that one.(Sorry, sorry, jeeze, Im stopping.)) But it will be fun, and escape from Paw Paw, even if it is with Doug and Janie. Maybe it wont be that bad... actually it probably will be worse than I am imagining, BUT, as of now Im telling myself that it will be the perfect 2 weeks in paradise.
    Wow, too much to write about, too little time, I just remembered about SCHOOL in the morning (damn school). Last thing on the agenda for the night:
    Ashtynn called me yesterday. I was very surprized, and very... very happy. She called me again tonight, It makes me happy that she is actually making an effort to be my friend again. And its wierd that, thats all it took, and how I seriously forgot that I was ever mad at her as soon as she called me. So all in all this week has been good. Despite my tonsils illness. But I must depart, sleep is upon us...actually its not, but it def. needs to be soon.


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welcome back cotter
2003-12-02 20:24 (link)
well at least you didn't lose nine pounds of tonsils.

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Re: welcome back cotter
2003-12-02 20:26 (link)
ps that was from me.

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2003-12-02 20:33 (link)
pps "me" is kayli.

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