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Kelc Paige (wordhell) wrote,
@ 2003-10-28 21:34:00
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    Current mood: anxious

    There is a face upon my thumb
    Ay Love,
    Haha, yah, Im talking to you one person that reads my diary. Its sad that now no one uses blurty anymore- I dont even have anyone on my friends list anymore. But its always wierd when you find out people read your journals, that you had no clue even knew you had one. I dont know if I like it. It puts you in semi-awkward positions. But anyway- Ive had absolutely no time to write in here lately. The only reason that I have time now, is because Kayli and I were supposed to go to Abby Andersons house with Her, Kim Coady, and Charity Munger, but those plans fell through. Man Kayli and I are moving up in the world! Anyway, today has been... fun I guess, went over to Tims after school, we sat around and watched "Say it Isn't So" on Comedy Central, Tim ate some worms and I tried to talk him into coming to my house and meeting my dad. Hes not all up to it. Unfortunately my dad has the insane idea that its only proper for ANY guy that I ever know to come over and meet him. Which I guess it is proper- but who the fuck is proper anymore anyway? Jeezus. So that sucks, it just sucks that it makes him uncomfortable I guess. I could care less, its no big deal at all, unless its made that way.

    On the other hand, this week is going to kick some major ass:
    Tomorrow: Brooke and I are making mad crazy cupcakes for my bizzledizzle.
    Thursday: Tim and I are going out- fun and excitement sure to follow.
    Friday: PARTY FOR ME!!! 5:30-6:00, here for costumeness, later, Brookes for Bomb-fireness. Later that night, at like 3am, probably Tims for a while Im assuming...maybe?
    Saturday: DC baby! BEST ROAD TRIP EVER! Brooke, Sara, Bailly, and I going to DC. The only way this could be better is: if Kayli, Justin and Kalen were going, and Jessi wasnt so against smoking...

    Im so psyched guys. OwOwOw.
    Wish me luck!
    Love, Kelsey

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2003-10-28 22:40 (link)
i read your diary! i miss my blurty though. at any rate, im pretty sure we're going to leave at like midnight on friday for dc, but yeah. <3 merker p.s. AHH WE GOTTA PLAN JESS'S PARTY!

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2003-10-28 23:23 (link)
i still read your blurty!

love milla

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