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Patience (widgy) wrote in womanpower,
@ 2003-08-06 22:07:00
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    Current mood: scared

    The "what if" game
    This has been a tough week for me personally. Lewy is fine, taking his meds etc. I had yet another abnormal pap smear, 3rd one in 6 months. Now I will go next week to see the GYN, my doc said that I have pre-cancerous cells, the what if game goes like this...what's cancer, then what. what's spread what will I do then. what if....something happens to me, what will happen to my boys. what if.......Lewy won't fight for them and they have to live with their real goes on and on and on. I also have to see their father next Friday for support modifacation, which will stir and trigger all the bad things of a very bad marriage and then the "what if" game starts all over there.

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all will be fine...
2003-08-12 17:13 (link)
you should not let yourself get trapped into the what ifs.....the abnormalities are more common than you think. They like to say those things just to keep us on our toes. That happened to me years ago. I went nuts for a while, until I realized that it is not as bad as they say.
Keep cool, things will look up........try to keep your chin up.

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Re: all will be fine...
2003-08-13 21:25 (link)
Went to the GYN and they did a biopsy, only one small spot, doc thinks that it is mild dysplasia, which is good news...thanks for your encourgment, it was nice to know someone read my posts....Hugs

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Re: all will be fine...
2003-08-14 22:24 (link)
I am so glad that things are going to be fine for you. anytime you need to bend and ear, I'm here for you. extra big hugs for you!!!

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Re: all will be fine...
2003-08-15 10:01 (link)
Thanks hon, have court today for child support modifacation, yeah, so nervous....added you to my friends list...thanks

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Re: all will be fine...
2003-08-15 10:41 (link)
thank you I am honoured...hugs

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