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please don't forget (woah_times_3) wrote,
@ 2004-09-15 21:12:00
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    finch is playing today. i could've gotten tickets, and i could've gone. it was only $15. it'd have been awesome. but i didn't sleep last night. except for the hour and a half between 2:30 and 4 am wher ei decided i needed to have some sort of rest in thhe dreadful night.

    so everyboyd hates each other. a lot mind you. and it gives me a headache.

    ms. trigas' class sucks. i hate history. i don' twant to study. i don't want so much homework. i can't wiat until college. until the world.

    ujournal's coming back, but under some other name. i don't know. i have friends in that journal... but we shall see.

    tomorrow estelita's coming. my cousin. none of my cousin's ever come here. and we're in school so it makes even less sense. but whatever. christina's birthday is on sunday, still have to buy her a present. friday i have that icebox thing. tomorrow i have to remember to talk to mrs. gammon about if i made it in as csf president and work on the icebox thing. i have a headache. and i have my senior pictures, yearbook pictures, on friday *gags self with fork* spare me.

    i want to talk to soemone insightful. i'm bored with the people here.

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