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Sinthetic Tears (wmkillette) wrote,
@ 2003-08-18 14:17:00
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    Current mood: numb
    Current music:Ur The Reazon! Twiztid

    Last night was 311.. and the night before that was twiztid... twiztid kicked fuckin ass even tho i cannot remember half of their set.. alls i remember is during 2nd hand smoke the crowd fell and i was on the bottom.. and i was with invisible and pinky in the crowd.. damn.. invisible acted like super man. i was like damn :0) so needless to say i ended up goin crowd surfin to get outta the crowd even tho i dont remember it.. and then me and invisible went out side.. hehe.. but R.o.c.... i wasnt feelin his set. i ended up falling damn near asleep.. but wolfpac and society one were awesome.... I havent got a lot of sleep lately.. i'm sore.. im tired.. and I dunno how i actually feel... I know thats juss wat invisible wants to hear.. but i'm sorry :0(.. But Nick came over yesterday and he was like "hey we got 5 xtra tickets to 311.. yall should come.." so we all loaded up in to Giraffes car and headed up to 311.. needless to say they sucked.. and the juggalos there had fun throwing me on the ground.. .. but i'm not complaining.. i got to chill with invisible.. got to meet Bret and C4.. i was like damn straight.. lol.. Well, i'm out.

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i fucked up!
2003-08-22 18:08 (link)
okay.. yah. the whole reason why i went to twiztid was to see Xqwzyt... But i fucked up my entry and put C4 and Bret.. which is the same person!!! I'm sorry X.. I luvvs yas. =(

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