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Dishonest.Faith (wizardwolf) wrote,
@ 2005-01-16 00:54:00
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    Time to get a little moving
    Here i sit at 12 30 am thinking of a few things i need to start doing. Then i realize i don't care.

    My life was never about having the right plan for the future or even deciding whats next. I kind of fell into my daily gride of life. I may shed a tear or two and scream out why does it suck so much, but this is whats happening for me and there is no way to change that. Do i want to believe I am slave to my fate? fuck no. Fate to me is just a crutch put up by those that are so doubtful in themselves and there ablities they need to wish for outside assistance. Are you confused? good. reaching my random state of mind will be helpful.

    What I do I do on my accord. I fuck up, alright then. I succed, alright then. No way around that because even happy mad or sad i it doesn't change the fact of what happened.

    So tomorrow i will take a drink, step outside, fall on my ass and keep on going. 'cause thats my choice on living. No one can change me but myself. And that makes me happy.

    Peace out.

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2005-01-16 04:56 (link)
Keep on rocking in the free world

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you amuse me!
2005-01-16 15:47 (link)
Even though I know practically nothing about you you make me smile when reading your enties. They are somewhat profound for someone so young. But your writing also make me think....just the type og writing I like. You tou humper you...Thanks for commenting in my journal when I was just about to give up and erase the whole thing~Angelique~

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2005-01-16 15:52 (link)
That would be ...makes me think.....and toy humper....and I forgot the other typo. I did my nails too long this time and I keep hitting the wrong keys...sorry.

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