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Stephen Moon (dark_moonlight) wrote in wizardingworld,
@ 2003-08-29 19:44:00
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    Stephen: Stephen entered the Leaky Couldron at a slow pace. He was in no hurry, really. There wasn't really all that much to do this summer. Everyone seemed to be keeping to themselves for the most part, he was bored, and was now looking for something - or someone - to keep him entertained. Where better than here to begin the search?
    Codey: Codey was alone at a table near the stairs, feet swinging as he sipped his butterbeer. He had on his usual checkered hat, and he was wearing some sandles and overalls with a blue tanktop underneath.
    Stephen: Stephen's eyes swept the room and found it was rather empty for this time of day. That was probably the only reason that the young looking boy so readily caught his attention. He eyed him as he made his way to the counter, buying himself a butterbeer and leaning against the corner, leaving him rather close to the stairs, blatantly staring.
    Codey: He was obviously bored. The fingers of his free hand were tapping a random tune on the counter, feet continuing to swing.
    Stephen:"Bored too, huh?" Stephen coolly stated, still staring at the younger boy. He looked just slightly familiar, yet he had no idea who he was.
    Codey: He blinked and looked around, giggling a bit when he spotted the older boy. "Yeah..."
    Stephen: He took a sip of his butterbeer. "You seem familiar, but I can't seem to place your face."
    Codey: He blinked and blushed a bit, shrugging. "Maybe you saw me on Platform 9 and 3/4 when school ended? I was waitin for my brother!"
    SStephen: Stephen furrowed his brow just slightly. "I doubt it, I left right away. Maybe you look like your brother? Who is he?"
    Codey: "Seamus Finnigan."
    Stephen: He shifted that through his head to place a face to the name, then gave a slight nod. "That would probably be why. We're in the same year. And you are..?"
    Codey: "Codey." He smiled cutely.
    Stephen: "Nice to meet you, Codey. I'm Stephen." He winked, then without being offered took the seat next to him. This could prove to be an interesting little one.
    Codey: He giggled. "You too." Sweet lips curling into a happy little grin.
    Stephen:Another sip from his butterbeer. "Now, while you look familiar, I can't say I've ever seen you at school before. Do you go somewhere else?"
    Codey: He shook his head. "I start my first year at Hogwarts this year!"
    Stephen: Mm. Younger than he expected. His lips quirked into a seductive smirk. "That would make you what, eleven?"
    Codey: "Uh-huh!" He nodded his head quickly.
    Stephen: "Looking forward to your first year?" Still the smirk.
    Codey: He nodded again. "Yeah!"
    Stephen: "I take it your brother's told you everything about it? Who to stay away from and everything?" Stephen quirked an eyebrow.
    Codey: "Not really. Most he talks about is what a git Draco Malfoy can be." He shrugged and giggled a little, then shook his head. "Seamus is in a coma now, he's in the hospital. But we think he's starting to wake up..."
    Stephen:"I'm sorry to hear that." Though he didn't sound all that much like he was, he assumed someone that age probably wouldn't be all that good at reading such things yet. "Malfoy and I are housemates, he isn't that bad."
    Codey: "You're a Slytherin?" He tilted his head.
    Stephen:"Mmhmm." Stephen only smirked more, propping his elbows on the table and holding his butterbeer between them. "Something wrong with that?"
    Codey: He shook his head quickly. "Nuh-uh! I didn't say that!"
    Stephen:"Glad to hear that. Your brother's a Gryffindor, right? They generally don't speak... highly of us. Not that I've ever done anything to him to deserve that." He smiled softly at Codey. "How long have you been sitting here?"
    Codey: He shrugged. "He said most Slytherins are bloody gits." He giggled and then shrugged. "I dunno. An hour or two maybe!"
    Stephen:Stephen faked a look of offence at that comment. "And I was about to offer to buy you another butterbeer, too. Sitting here alone for two hours must be rather... lonely."
    Codey: He flushed. "I didn't say YOU were...I said that's what he said most were!" He smiled a little and shrugged. "It is. And it's BORING!"
    Stephen:"I bet. Maybe you wanna go do something? There really isn't all that much that's interesting to do just sitting here, after all." He finished his butterbeer and set it on the table, then crossed his arms loosely over his chest.
    Codey: He smiled brightly. "Ok!"
    Stephen:"What would you like to do? I'm up for nearly anything." He winked again at the young boy.
    Codey: He was totally missing many hints. "Something wrong with your eye? You keep winking it..." Little innocent he is.
    Stephen: Stephen couldn't help but grin widely. "Mm. Nope, my eye's fine."
    Codey: He giggled a bit and shrugged. "Ok. What ya wanna do then?"
    Stephen:"I just asked you that, sweetie. You're the one that's been stuck sitting here for so long." His hand came across to stroke across Codey's cheek tenderly.
    Codey: He blushed a bit at being called sweety, and then the stroke to his cheek. His skin was soft, silky. "I dunno." He shrugged softly. "There isn't much to do..."
    Stephen: "There's lots to do, you just have to consider all the possibilities." His fingers continued to trace over the soft cheek, then across his lips.
    Codey: " what?" He flushed more and looked at the older teen curiously, nervous and shy. What was with the touching? He's never been carressed like that before, he didn't know what to make of it.
    Stephen: "Anything. There's lots of things that people don't think of first thing." His caress continued across Codey's face to the other cheek, tenderly. "Relax, I won't hurt you." He murmured.
    Codey: He blushed softly and giggled shyly. "Why're you touchin me like that?" Curious, didn't exactly sound like he wanted it to stop.
    Stephen:"Would you rather I not?" He bore a soft smile, one he had perfected long ago, not intimidating in the slightest.
    Codey: He blushed and shook his head shyly.
    Stephen: "Do you like it?" He asked softly, a fingertip tracing across Codey's jaw, then cupping his cheek tenderly.
    Codey: He blushed and nodded even more shyly, giggling softly. "'s nice..."
    Stephen: "Does it make you want to do anything?" Again, softly, not pushing, thumb caressing the youth's cheekbone.
    Codey: He blinked softly and looked confused. "Like w..what?" Yes, a complete little innocent!
    Stephen: Mm, perfect. His smile became a smirk, just for a moment. "Just instinctively, don't think too hard." He edged forward in his chair so he was sitting on the edge, knees touching the youths.
    Codey: He was blushing brighty, watching the older boy slightly wide-eyed and shy, head tilting to the hand.
    Stephen: He leaned further forward, just enough to brush his lips across Codey's for but an instant, no longer, fingers drifting back into his hair.
    Codey: His eyes went WIDE, lips parting in surprise as he looked at the teen after those lips brushed his own.
    Stephen: Stephen smirked, then leaned forward, capturing those lips properly with his own, kissing softly, but intently.
    Codey: He stiffened a bit, but more from surprise. His eyes went wider if that was possible, and he let out the softest of sounds, fingers curling a bit as the older boy gave him his first real kiss, blushing very brightly.
    Stephen: The fact that Codey did nothing but stiffen didn't deter him in the slightest. It was a typical reaction, he knew. He simply continued the soft kiss, his other hand resting on Codey's knee.
    Codey: His body began to relax very slowly, and he very, very shyly started trying to return the kiss.
    Stephen:He smiled slightly against the kiss, tongue coming out to dart across Codey's lips, urging them once again apart.
    Codey: He gasped into the kiss softly, shivering, lips parting nervously, eyes wide, curious.
    Stephen: His fingers trailed tenderly through Codey's hair as his tongue insistantly started to run across the young boy's, exploring his mouth with it as he deepened the kiss further.
    Codey: He let out a low moan as his mouth was explored by the older boy's tongue, body shivering. His hands moved to grip the front of Stephen's shirt tightly, body trembling from the sensations he was getting.
    Stephen:The hand that rested on Codey's knee slowly trailled up his leg before resting on the boy's hip, tongue continuing to explore slowly, in no rush at all.
    Codey: He couldn't help but gasp into the kiss, breathing heavily through his small nose. His tongue shyly raised to rub over Stephen's as it explored his small mouth.
    Stephen: Both his hands shifted away from their places to move around Codey, pick him up and swiftly pull the boy into his lap, all the while continuing the kiss.
    Codey: His arms shyly wrapped around Stephen's neck and he let out another soft sound, starting to get the hang of kissing and returning it shyly.
    Stephen: He moaned softly into Codey's mouth, arms around the boy's waist and holding him close as he kissed all the more passionately, tongue pulling back slightly to see if he would follow.
    Codey: His tongue followed slowly, unsurely, very shy as he kissed back. His young body was pressed close to Stephen's and was trembling softly from all the sensations he was getting.
    Stephen: His hands slowly trailed across the young boy's back. He didn't honestly care that much if he was overwhelming him, he was simply quite enjoying the response he was getting, and how quickly he was getting it. He suckled softly upon Codey's tongue, teasing across it with his own.
    Codey: He trembled, blushing brightly and slowly breaking the kiss, drawing his head back and breathing hard, blushing and moving a hand to rub his lips shyly. "W...why'd k..kiss me?" He flushed deeply.
    Stephen: "I wanted to." He gave Codey a soft smile, still holding the small boy in his lap. "You enjoyed it, didn't you?"
    Codey: He blushed and nodded shyly. "B..but it's only f..for people you r..really like isn't it?"
    Stephen: "You kissed back. Does that mean you really like me?" Stephen dodged around the question, kissing softly across the young boy's jaw.
    Codey: He blushed brightly. "B..but you kissed me first.."
    Stephen:"You're absolutely adorable, sweetie." He murmured between soft kisses, leaving a trail down his neck. "I do like you."
    Codey: He blushed brightly and cuddled Stephen lightly, head tilting softly as kisses were trailed over him.
    Stephen: "Mm. And now what you like to do?" He asked softly, resting his head against the youth's shoulder. Well, this deffinately helped the boredom if nothing else.
    Codey: He blushed, arms going back around Stephen shyly. "I..I dunno." He gave a shy kiss to the older boy's cheek.
    Stephen: Yes, this certainly was going better than he expected. His hand came away from Codey's back to trail slowly across his thigh instead.
    Codey: He blushed and squirmed softly, giggling shyly.
    Stephen: His hand trailed to Codey's inner thigh gradually, moving up and down it slowly, head still leaning against the boy's neck.
    Codey: He shivered and blushed, squirming a bit more and nuzzling Stephen shyly.
    Stephen: "Mm. Too much?" He asked softly, seeming the kind, caring charmer.
    Codey: He blushed a bit and shook his head softly. The hand wasn't too high, yet. "Just kinda tickles.."
    Stephen: His hand began to slowly trail higher, expecting the boy would stop him eventually, smirking inwardly.
    Codey: He blushed brightly and DID stop the boy when the hand was near his young crotch, flushing deeply.
    Stephen: His hand stopped when Codey stopped him, and he didn't try to push him further... yet. He started kissing at Codey's neck softly again. "Its okay..." He murmured.
    Codey: He blushed brightly and looked around the tavern, noticing some of the few patrons glancing at them and blushing even more.
    Stephen: "I can get us a room." He whispered into Codey's ear, sending a trail of hot air across it.
    Codey: He shivered and blushed. "W..what would we do though? I..I have a room, I'm s..staying here.."
    Stephen: "Anything at all that you want." He murmured again, trailing his tongue across the edge of the boy's ear.
    Codey: He let out a little gasp and shivered, squirming softly. "I..I dunno..w..we could play Wizard's Chess.."
    Stephen: "Yeah, we could, if that's what you wanted to do." He began to softly nibble at the boy's ear.
    Codey: He shivered a little and blushed. "O..ok.."
    Stephen: Eventually, he stopped his actions and released Codey so he could get up and lead them to his room.
    Codey: He blushed and stood, giggling shyly and heading upstairs.
    Stephen:Stephen stood, brushed out the slight wrinkles in his trousers, then followed the boy upstairs, close behind him the entire time.
    Codey: He lead Stephen into the room and closed the door a bit, heading over and pulling out his chess set.
    Stephen:He followed Codey right over to where he went and wrapped his arms around the boy's waist as he pulled it out, leaning forward to start kissing his neck once more.
    Codey: He blushed brightly and giggled, squirming softly. He was much shorter than the older boy.
    Stephen:Stephen didn't mind hunching over to trail his tongue over the boy's neck, hands drawing small circles around his stomach.
    Codey: He squirmed more, giggling and blushing softly, leaning back to Stephen.
    Stephen: He helled Codey against him, pressing slightly against his back, letting the small boy feel his growing arousal as he nibbled softly upon his neck.
    Codey: He blushed and squirmed at that odd feeling. "W..what's pokin me?"
    Stephen: "Me." He murmured in the boy's ear, going back to his movements.
    Codey: He blinked and looked down. "B..but your hands are on my stomach.."
    Stephen:"Its not my hand, sweetie."
    Codey: He blinked. "T..Then what...?"
    Stephen: He shifted to the side slightly, hand moving down Codey's arm and moving the boy's hand to his crotch without a word.
    Codey: He blinked, eyes going WIDE as he gasped, drawing his hand back quickly and blushing BRIGHT.
    Stephen: "Mm, understand now, sweetie?" He smiled, arm returning around the boy.
    Codey: He blushed brightly and nodded nervously. "W..Why's it like that?"
    Stephen: "Because you've made me want you." He murmured, kissing Codey's cheek.
    Codey: He blinked. "W..what do you mean?"
    Stephen: Carefully, Stephen walked backwards and sat on the bed, pulling Codey into his lap again. "Know anything about sex, sweetie?"
    Codey: He shook his head. "N..not really..just that it's done by people who love each other.."
    Stephen: "Not always. Just sometimes, really. When a guy wants to... he gets hard. Like I am, right now." His hands rested upon Codey's belly softly.
    Codey: He blushed. "Oh.."
    Stephen: "It'll probably become rather common for you, eventually. What with how cute you are."
    Codey: He blushed even more.
    Stephen: His hand started to slowly drift downward again, nuzzling the youth's cheek.
    Codey: He nuzzled back, blushing still. "Why do you like me so much?" He murmured curiously.
    Stephen: "Because you're sweet, innocent, and absolutely adorable" He replied, without hesitation.
    Codey: He blushed and giggled, cuddling back to Stephen.
    Stephen: And its something to do, he thought to himself as he continued the slow downward movement of his hand that had been on the boy's stomach, wondering if he would stop him the same as before.
    Codey: He blushed brightly and squirmed, moving his hand to take hold of Stephen's, stopping it before it was too far, but he had let it get a LITTLE closer this time.
    Stephen: His hand stopped, but he didn't pull it away this time, he simply kept it where he had been stopped, murmuring in the boy's ear. "You don't have to stop me sweetie, its okay."
    Codey: He blushed brightly, holding the hand with his own. "B..but aren't I a l..little young for sex stuff?"
    Stephen: "That depends on you, are you?"
    Codey: "I..I one ever told me 'bout sex and stuff..."
    Stephen:"Well, is there anything you want to know about it?" Another nuzzle to reassure the boy.
    Codey: He bit his lip. He didn't know what to ask.
    Stephen: "Don't be shy, hun. You can ask me anything at all. Just relax." He urged slightly.
    Codey: "I dunno what to ask about..." He murmured shyly.
    Stephen:"Alright. Well. What do you know about it? Aside from that love part."
    Codey: "N..nothing..."
    Stephen: "Have you ever found yourself attracted to someone, sweetie? Like, really liking them? Wanting to kiss them? Something like that?"
    Codey: He blushed a bit and nodded.
    Codey: He blushed even more and nuzzled Stephen lightly.
    Stephen:He smiled, finding himself slightly suprised by the response, nuzzling back. "Anyone else?"
    Codey: "N...not really.."
    Stephen:Alright." He murmured. "Thats fine, and I'm flattered. Sex... is something that people do when they like eachother, or when they get eachother aroused. Like you did to me." He pressed himself forward just slightly to embelish his point.
    Codey: He squirmed and blushed brightly. "But shouldn't they really like each other first?"
    Stephen: "Some do, some don't. It depends on the person."
    Codey: He blushed. "What 'bout you? Do you really like the person when ya do it?"
    Stephen: "Usually. Once in a while I'll do it because I really want to. That happens too." He smiled, nuzzling the boy once more.
    Codey: He blushed and nuzzled the boy. "W..why you wanna do it with me then?" Looking up at the older teen.
    Stephen: "Because I like you, and because I really want to." He winked.
    Codey: He blushed brightly.
    Stephen: "Still not sure what you want to ask?"
    Codey: "I..I dunno if I'm ready do it yet.."
    Stephen:"Thats fine, sweetie. We don't have to do anything." He laid back on the bed, pulling Codey down atop him.
    Codey: He cuddled close and smiled shyly. He leaned in nervously, initiating a light kiss.
    Stephen: He returned the slight kiss, arms coming around the youth's waist.
    Codey: He snuggled down to the older boy and kissed timidly, tenderly.
    Stephen: He returned the kiss in the same manner, letting him control the kiss entirely.
    Codey: His arms slid under Stephen's neck as he kissed softly.
    Stephen: One of his hands ran up and stroked through the boy's hair, the other running up under the back of his shirt to run his fingertips softly across his soft skin.
    Codey: He blushed and shivered as Stephen slid that hand into his overalls and up under his shirt, his hat getting knocked off a bit as that other hand ran through his silky blonde hair.
    Stephen: It was a bit akward, moving around the overalls and the shirt, but he didn't mind all that much. He merely presse the shirt upward some, stroking the boy's skin, enjoying the feel of his hair through his fingers.
    Codey: He blushed, little tongue gently licking over Stephen's lips, cuddling a little to the teen.
    Stephen:His lips parted easily to Codey's tongue, moaning softly to urge him to continue. Oh how he enjoyed corrupting these young ones.
    Codey: He blushed, little tongue gently moving forward to explore that mouth shyly.
    Stephen: His tongue rubbed slightly across Codey's, but allowed the boy's free reign. He didn't want to discourage him.
    Codey: His tongue timidly moved about in that larger mouth as he kissed softly, body cuddling close to Stephen's.
    Stephen: He held the boy close, sucking tenderly upon Codey's tongue as his hand slowly drifted downward into his overalls.
    Codey: He squirmed, continuing the slow kiss, body arching timidly to that hand.
    Stephen:His hand continued to drift down slowly until he was rubbing Codey's arse tenderly, returning the kiss in the same manner.
    Codey: He gasped in the kiss, squirming and hips arching, Stephen feeling his rear over his small briefs.
    Stephen: He kept his hand over the briefs for but a moment, then slipped under, enjoying the feel of skin far more.
    Codey: He gasped and squeeked, jumping some and breaking the kiss in surprise, eyes wide as his adorable little bubblebutt was felt under the briefs.
    Stephen:His hand didn't move away, he simply rubbed across it tenderly, eyes opening to gaze at the boy above him.
    Codey: He was blushing so badly his entire face was red, squirming about nervously on top of Stephen, but not moving away or stopping him.
    Stephen: He smiled at how cute the boy looked, blushing, squirming. Even if he tried to pull away, Stephen had moved his arm downward around around the boy's waist to hold him in place. His hand continued to slowly rub across the boy's rear.
    Codey: His legs spread ever-so-slightly, hips arching up as he squirmed. Though the overalls did a partial job to hide the fact, his young shaft was quite hard.
    Stephen: His fingertips drifted across the boy's cleft, one dipping to drift across the boy's virgin hole as he watched Codey's response.
    Codey: He jumped, letting out more of a squeek and closing his legs a bit in surprise.
    Stephen:"Shh, relax sweetie. Just relax." He murmured, not pulling back, even when the boy jumped, but he stopped doing any more, just resting his hand in the same place.
    Codey: He shivered, blushing brightly and squirming more.
    Stephen:"You alright?" He murmured softly, starting to drift his finger back and forth across that hole..
    Codey: He squeeked and trembled, nodding faintly and gasping softly.
    Stephen: He decided to take a chance, and pressed the tip of his finger in just slightly, ever so slowly.
    Codey: He jumped again, eyes widening and squirming out, letting out a gasp of surprise, but not yet of pain as much hadn't been pushed in.
    Stephen: He pulled his finger back at how much squirming the boy was doing. He leaned his head forward to the boy's ear. "I need you to relax sweetie. Its okay. Just tell me if you want me to stop, but you can't keep squirming so much."
    Codey: He blushed brightly. " just feels so weird..."
    Stephen: "Do you not like it, sweetie?" His finger dragged across that hole again.
    Codey: He let out a shiver, moaning lightly. " feels good.."
    Stephen:Slowly, carefully, he dipped his finger in again, a little bit further this time.
    Codey: He trembled, trying to keep still and gasping softly, wincing a bit as it probed deeper into his tight hole.
    Stephen:He moved slowly until his finger was fully in, leaning up to give Codey a soft kiss. "Still alright?"
    Codey: He whimpered softly, shaking and couldn't help squirming. "H..hurts a bit.."
    Stephen:"I know sweetie, it will. Just relax, it won't last."
    Codey: He sniffed a bit, gripping Stephen's shirt tightly, squirming a bit more.
    Stephen: Slowly, he began to shift his finger, moving almost painfully slow as his finger came back, then moved back in.
    Codey: He gasped and shook, whining softly in pain and making a light sound of pleasure, virgin hole clenching tightly.
    Stephen: His finger carefully began to search, moving slowly as he kept his eyes upon Codey's face, looking for the reaction that he was waiting for.
    Codey: He shook, then his eyes shot wide open and he let out a loud moan when that finger found his young prostate, shaking and gasping loudly.
    Stephen:"Mm. There it is." He whispered, more to himself than anything else, and slowly started to move his finger in and out, brushing his prostate continually.
    Codey: He moaned and squirmed, gasping and closing his eyes, hips rolling up and hole clenching, little shaft throbbing in his briefs.
    Stephen: He decided to take the opportunity, and his other hand drifted under the boy's overalls, moving towards the youth's shaft, bypassing the briefs entirely.
    Codey: He trembled and let out a low moan, gasping and squirming a bit more, gripping that shirt more tightly and panting softly, toes curling in his sandles.
    Stephen: His other hand started to slowly stroke the youth's shaft, finger moving a bit more rapidly, still brushing his prostate often as he savored the feel of the boy squirming atop him, the expression on his face.
    Codey: He spread his legs a bit more, arching and moaning more often, hole clenching and hips wriggling, young shaft throbbing in the older teen's hand as he gasped loudly.
    Stephen: He moaned slightly at the sight before him, hands moving a bit more rapidly, intently.
    Codey: He was starting to sweat a bit, gasping and panting highly, arching up a bit.
    Stephen: "Thats it sweetie. Relax, enjoy it." He murmured into Codey's ear, again moving his finger a bit more rapidly. He was considering a second, but wasn't so sure about it yet.
    Codey: He spread his legs a big more. "Oooh...ooh..I..I need to pee...!" He squirmed a bit more, not knowing how else to describe the feeling coming upon him.
    Stephen:Stephen couldn't help but smirk and chuckle softly. "Relax Codey, just relax." He became even more intent in the rubbing, leaning up to kiss the boy softly for a moment.
    Codey: He kissed back and then cried out, practically a scream as he had his first-ever orgasm, though dry, shaft jerking rapidly and hole spasming tightly around the finger.
    Stephen: Stephen moaned softly, pulling his lips back to enjoy the sounds the boy made entirely. Slowly, gently, he pulled his finger back, just gazing at Codey.
    Codey: He collapsed onto that chest, panting heavily and flushed, face a bit sweaty. "W..what w..was that?"
    Stephen: Both his hands came away, out of the boy's clothes, and just wrapping around him. "Your first orgasm, my sweet. Wasn't it wonderful?"
    Codey: He nods shyly, panting heavilg and wriggling a bit.
    Stephen: He smiled. "I'm glad. Aren't you glad you let me?"
    Codey: He nodded shyly, giggling a little.
    Stephen: "Mm. Good." He smiled even more. He knew he was poking still at the boy as he laid atop him, but that wasn't something he could help. He kissed him softly once more.
    Codey: He kissed back, still panting a bit through his nose from the exertion he felt.
    Stephen: He didn't keep the kiss going long, then just laid back against the pillow.
    Codey: He smiled and curled close to Stephen, kissing his neck.
    Stephen: "You've now had your first sexual experiance, sweetie." He murmured into the boy's hair.
    Codey: He blushed brightly, smiling up at him shyly.
    Stephen:He returned the smile. "Gonna let me do it again, sometime?"
    Codey: He blushed brightly and nodded timidly. "U..uh-huh..."
    Stephen:"Good." He stroked Codey's hair softly. "Rest now, sweetie. You must be worn out."
    Codey: "A little, but not really." He giggled and cuddled the boy.
    Stephen:He chuckled to himself. "Oh, really?" He shifted against the boy.
    Codey: He giggled a bit and cuddled close. He WAS young, after all. And young kids are known for having a good amount of stamina.
    Stephen: Stephen carefully rolled the boy over, so he was on his back and Stephen propped himsef on his elbow's above the boy.
    Codey: He blinked and giggled a bit, still a bit flushed, looking up at the boy.
    Stephen: He leaned his head forward and left a trail of butterfly kisses all across Codey's face.
    Codey: He giggled and kissed back lightly at what his lips would reach, smiling.
    Stephen: He shifted his hips, rubbing himself slightly against the youth's leg as he continued the soft kisses
    Codey: He felt that hardness on his leg and blushed,then gently pressed his leg against it, tilting his head to kiss Stephen on the lips.
    Stephen: He moaned softly in suprise at feeling the boy's leg moving against him, which only caused him to rub against it further, returning the kiss
    Codey: He broke the kiss after a bit, blushing and asking timidly, "C..Can I t..touch it?"
    Stephen: "I would love it if you would." He replied softly.
    Codey: He blushes softly and slides his hand down the teen's body, pausing before shyly slipping his small hand into the teen's pants to find that hard shaft.
    Stephen: He moans, arching toward the hand, throbbing against the youth's touch..
    Codey: He blushed a bit, his small hand feeling around, fingertips brushing over that hard shaft.
    Stephen:He closed his eyes. "Mm. Thats it sweetie."
    Codey: He blushed softly. " feels big..." Curling his fingers around it best he could softly.
    Stephen:"It is, sweetie." He replied with a smirk, arching towards the touch again.
    Codey: He blushed. "C...Can I s..see it?"
    Stephen:Stephen chuckled to himself, then rolled off Codey. It took him very little time to undo, remove his belt, then remove his trousers, pulling a thong off with them in the same swipe, leaving his hard shaft entirely free as he ran his own hand across it.
    Codey: He blushed brightly, sitting up and shyly looking Stephen's crotch and bare legs over.
    Stephen: "Like what you see, hun?" He asked, running his own hand back and forth across his shaft in a slight show of impatience, as well as a show for the boy.
    Codey: He blushed and nodded shyly, sitting next to the teen and reaching out to feel over that shaft.
    Stephen: His own hand moved away to let the boy do as he wished.
    Codey: His hand began to rub over the shaft touching it and squeezing it curiously, before moving to feel over the teen's sack lightly.
    Stephen: He gasped, rather suprised at the boy's curiousness, arching towards the touch with a moan.
    Codey: He kept rubbing a bit, blushing softly as he explored, and remembering what Stephen had done. His hand moved down a bit more to feel at the lower end of Stephen's rear, his fingers very timidly trying to find that hole like Stephen had done with him.
    Stephen: Stephen carefully arched himself up, bending his knees and spreading his legs to help the boy find what he was looking for. "You're a curious one." He murmured.
    Codey: He blushed. "That bad...?" He rubbed over that hole curiously, moving to his knees and leaning over that leg, tilting his head curiously to see what his fingers were doing.
    Stephen: "Not in the slightest. Explore, try, do whatever you'd like, my sweet. There is very little you can do that I would mind."
    Codey: He blushed, timidly pushing one of his small fingers into the older boy while his other hand moved back to feel at that shaft.
    Stephen: He moaned softly again, but forced himself to remain entirely still for the boy's curiosity.
    Codey: He squeezed at the head and gently rubbed down as his small finger slipped in fully and began to rub around inside that hole.
    Stephen: "Mm. You can use more than one finger on me, my sweet." He murmured in encouragement.
    Codey: He blushed and nodded shyly, rubbing and pressing a second finger in slowly, deep as he can and wiggling them around lightly.
    Stephen: He opened his eyes slowly to watch the boy below him, relaxing, letting the boy do as he would, and quite enjoying the experiance thus far. "You're doing well so far, Codey.." He murmured huskily.
    Codey: He smiled shyly, resting his head on one of Stephen's legs and fingering that hole as his other hand softly stroked along that shaft.
    Stephen: His hand moved forward and tenderly stroked through Codey's hair as he moaned softly once more.
    Codey: He curled his fingers in that warm hole, trying to watch it and that cock, his other hand slowly stroking that shaft, young lips pursed softly in his concentration.
    Stephen: His own hand came down to help Codey stroke his shaft, moaning softly in pleasure, eyeing his youthful lips and moaning at even the thought.
    Codey: He squeezed gently and smiled at the teen shyly, letting the teen control his hand as his fingers worked that hole.
    Stephen: He smiled softly up at Codey, and found himself suggesting it before thinking that he likely shouldn't. "Lick it for me, my sweet?" He murmured huskily, hand guiding both the youth's and his own across his shaft.
    Codey: He blinked rapidly and blushed brightly. He bit his lip nervously, before timidly leaning in and giving the underside a tiny lick.
    Stephen: He shivered at even that, gasping in suprise that the young boy actually did it
    Codey: He blushed brightly, giggling a little. It was an odd feeling. He leaned in and gave the shaft a slower, more curious lick, blushing.
    Stephen: His eyes drifted shut entirely and he arched towards that youthful mouth. "Gods..." he murmured to himself. He had found quite the child in this one.
    Codey: He giggled playfully, his fingers continuing to move in that hole as his hand was controlled on that shaft by Stephen's hand. He raised his head a bit, looking at the clear liquid coming from the slit of that hard shaft. "What's that?"
    Stephen: "Precome, sweetie." He replied softly, moving both their hands gradually more rapidly.
    Codey: "What's precome?" He tilted his head curiously,watching. His fingers moved in a bit deeper and lightly bumped Stephen's prostate.
    Stephen: Stephen didn't get the chance to answer, he gasped, arching forward when he felt the youths fingers brush across his prostate.
    Codey: He had leaned forward for a bit of a better look, and then Stephen had thrust up. He mmmp'd in surprise as that head pushed and rubbed over his pink lips, pulling his head back and blinking, lips glistening now with that precome, tongue almost instinctively coming out to lick his lips, tasting it and blinking softly, blushing bright.
    Stephen: Stephen glanced up in suprise at Codey, then blushed just slightly, oddly enough. "I'm sorry... I. You managed to touch my prostate, sweetie."
    Codey: He giggled shyly and blushed more. "I...It's ok." He gave that shaft a squeeze, his fingers looking for that spot again.
    Stephen: Again, Stephen moaned and arched when Codey found it with his fingertips once more, his hand moving Codey's quite a bit harder along his shaft.
    Codey: He leaned in to shyly lick at the underside again quickly as his hand was moved faster.
    Stephen: He moaned loudly again. "Almost there." He murmured, wondering if Codey even knew what he ment when he said that.
    Codey: "Almost where?" He blinked a bit, giving the shaft another squeeze and curling his fingers.
    Stephen: "I'm gonna come" he replied huskily, rubbing a bit more firmly again.
    Codey: "Is that what I did?" He blushed more at knowing so little about it all.
    Stephen: "To an extent..." He replied in the same husky voice, but that was as far as he got as he cried out loudly, arching as he came on both of their hands
    Codey: He blushed softly, watching the teen erupt, eyes widening a bit. "Whoa...."
    Stephen: Stephen lay there, panting for a few moments before he evern remebered that Codey was kneeling over him. He smiled softly up at the boy.
    Codey: He blushed a bit and giggles. "What is that stuff?"
    Stephen: "Come." He murmured, panting softly.
    Codey: "What's it do?"
    Stephen: "In this case? Nothing. Its how girls get pregnant, though." He replied softly to the young boy
    Codey: "Ooh." He blushed and giggled, looking at his cum-covered hand curiously, then giving it a little lick.
    Stephen: Stephen grinned at the sight. "Mm. You really are a curious little one, aren't you?"
    Codey: He nodded shyly and giggled. "It tastes..weird, but kinda good."
    Stephen: He chuckled softly to himself and kissed Codey's forehead, slowly sitting up. "Mmhmm. You get more used to it, after a while."
    Codey: He blushed and smiled shyly, hugging Stephen.
    Stephen: He returned the hug, pulling Codey close again. "Deffinately going to have to look you up again once school starts. Maybe you'll be a little Slytherin."
    Codey: He blushed and giggled. "Maybe. I donno what I'll be!" He shyly kissed the boy on the lips.
    Stephen: He returned the soft kiss. "Would be nice if you were, would be easier to get my hands on you."
    Codey: He blushed even more and giggled shyly. "You like me a lot?"
    Stephen: "Mmhmm. You like me, sweetie?"
    Codey: He smiled shyly and nodded. "Uh-huh, you're really nice."
    Stephen: Stephen couldn't help but chuckle to himself at that. "Thank you."
    Codey: He giggled and smiled more.
    Stephen: "And you never run out of energy, do you?" He chuckled again
    Codey: "Nah. Mum keeps sayin I got a battery that never runs out." He giggled again.
    Stephen: Stephen quirked his eyebrow. "Battery?"
    Codey: He flushed a bit and giggled. "It's a muggle thing...makes things run."
    Stephen: "I... see.." He replied. The boy was a mudblood?
    Codey: He giggled and shrugged. "Mum's funny. She keeps sayin 'You'd think someone put one of them muggle batteries in him the way he runs about'."
    Stephen: Or his mother was a witch. Halfblood maybe? He leaned forward and gave the boy a soft kiss. "And how am I gonna wear you out then?"
    Codey: He kissed back softly and giggled. "Dunno!"
    Stephen: He chuckled softly. "We'll have to find out some way. Can't fall asleep holding you if you bounce around the room instead."
    Codey: He giggled more at that. "You're tired already?"
    Stephen: "I'm older than you! Doing that is supposed to wear a person out!" He winked and kissed Codey's forehead.
    Codey: He giggled more. "But you're only a teen! Not an old person!"
    Stephen: "True enough." He smirked. "What shall we do now, then?"
    Codey: He giggled and blushed. "Donno!"
    Stephen: "You should! We already did what I wanted to do." He nabbed his wand from his trousers that were set aside and cleaned himself up swiftly.
    Codey: He blushed and shrugged shyly. " thing's hard again..." He said timidly.
    Stephen: His smirk grew. "Mm, really? When did that happen?" He asked, turning his attention back to Codey, not bothering to put his trousers back on.
    Codey: He blushed brightly. "When I was touchin you and stuff."
    Stephen: "Mm. And would you like me to do something about it?" He asked softly, hand coming up to brush across Codey's cheek.
    Codey: He blushed softly. "O..ok. S..should I get like you?"
    Stephen: "Get however you'd be comfortable, sweetie." He smiled reassuringly.
    Codey: He blushed and took off his sandles, shyly undoing his overalls and unbuttoning the sides, slipping them off, left in his tanktop and little briefs, which were about halfway down from when Stephen had his hands in them.
    Stephen: "May I see you, entirely nude?" He asked, one hand still on the boy's cheek, the other running softly across his chest.
    Codey: He blushed brightly. " too?"
    Stephen: "Mm, alright." Stephen stood up and stripped down the rest of the way, obviously comfortable as such. He gave Codey a reassuring smile.
    Codey: He smiled shyly, nervously, before removing his shirt to bare his young chest, and sliding off his briefs shyly to bare his young 4" erection, young body nude on the bed now.
    Stephen: His eyes slowly scanned the young boy appreciatively. "You're beautiful..."
    Codey: He blushed and smiles shyly, timidly watching Stephen. " are too..."
    Stephen: "Thank you." He replied softly. "But in an entirely different way than you.." His hand trailed slowly across the boy's body, shoulder down to waist.
    Codey: He arched lightly and shivered, his skin pale yet tanned lightly, and very soft.
    Stephen: This was why he liked such innocent youths, their sweet innocence, and how gorgeous they were. He marvelled at the softness of Codey's skin, smiling to himself.
    Codey: He smiled shyly at the other, older teen, watching him.
    Stephen: His hands traced across Codey's delicate flesh, before running around him to his back, pulling the boy to his larger form.
    Codey: He arched and then cuddled to the nude form of the older boy, arms rising to wrap around Stephen's neck.
    Stephen: He leaned towards the younger boy, rubbing up against him slightly as he enjoyed the feel of his soft skin. "Mm. Such a beautiful boy..."
    Codey: He blushed and smiled, rubbing back against Stephen, enjoying the skin on skin feel. "Really?"
    Stephen: "Really." He smiled, tilting his head down to kiss Codey's temple. "Mm. And anything you'd like me to do about that hardness of yours, sweetie?"
    Codey: He blushed a bit and nuzzled Stephen softly. "W..what you did last time?" He didn't really know anything else. "M..maybe lick it like I licked yours?"
    Stephen: He returned the nuzzle, then smirked. "Mm. I'll do even better than that. You might want to lay down, or sit though."
    Codey: He blinked a bit and laid back on the bed, looking at Stephen curiously.
    Stephen: He moved over Codey, straddling his legs and gazing up at the boy, then turning his attention downward. He bowed his head, and his tongue ran out across that youthful cock.
    Codey: His toes curled and hips pushed up, young shaft giving a throb as Stephen's tongue moved across it, a quick sound escaping his lips.
    Stephen: "Mm. See why I asked you to, my sweet?" He murmured, tongue running over it once more, hands moving to rest on the boy's hips.
    Codey: He moaned and squirmed, hands gripping the sheets, eyes closing tightly.
    Stephen: He continued to lick that young cock a number of times, before closing his lips over the tip. This was certainly quite the find of a boy. He started to suckle softly.
    Codey: He squeeled out, hips thrusting up and little shaft throbbing, eyes wide as he watched the teen suck in his young shaft.
    Stephen: He let the boy thrust up into his mouth, taking that cock further in when he did. Still the gentle suckling, tongue running softly across it.
    Codey: He squirmed a bit more, legs spreading and toes curling, hands moving to rest on Stephen's head as he moaned and made cute little noises of pleasure.
    Stephen: He moaned softly in reply, sending the vibrations across the youth's cock. Gradually he pulled it further into his mouth until it was in entirely, sucking, licking.
    Codey: He cried out in pleasure, hips instinctively thrusting up into that mouth, young shaft throbbing, sweet rear raising off the bed as he arched upwards.
    Stephen: When it rose from the bed, his hands moved from Codey's hips to his arse, rubbing gently as his mouth continued its work.
    Codey: He gasped and tilted his head back, toes curled tight as he was pleasured,hips squirming and wriggling a bit as he arched and trembled with pleasure.
    Stephen: His sucking grew gradually harder as he slowly started to bob up and down upon that young cock. He was enjoying the sounds Codey was making, causing another soft moan to come from him.
    Codey: He curled his legs around Stephen, hips starting to roll and buck to that mouth, ankles crossing behind the teen's neck and toes curling tightly as his young form was brought ever closer to orgasm.
    Stephen: Stephen again let off a soft moan. Oh how eager this one was, he would have to keep him around. His head began to bob more rapidly, sucking harder as his tongue worked intently at driving the youth over the edge.
    Codey: He cried out in pleasure, body tensing and arching hard, little shaft jerking in that mouth as he had his second intense dry orgasm of the night, young body glistening with a light sheen of boysweat.
    Stephen: His movements slowed, then eventually stopped. He pulled back, gazing down at the gorgeous boy laying there before he licked his way back up.
    Codey: He moaned, panting softly and arching his sweating young body to the older boy's tongue, shivering.
    Stephen: He licked slowly up the youth's body then laid next to him, smiling at him.
    Codey: He turned to cuddle with Stephen, leaning in and kissing the teen lightly.
    Stephen: He returned the light kiss, wrapping his arms around the smaller boy.
    Codey: He cuddled close, pressing his body to Stephen's, mmming into the kiss.
    Stephen: He only let the kiss last a moment before pulling back, holding Codey close to him. "Enjoy that, sweetie?"
    Codey: He blushed and nodded slowly. "U...uh-huh!"
    Stephen: "I'm glad." He nuzzled Codey softly.
    Codey: He pressed closely, leg lightly rubbing over Stephen's crotch as he cuddled the teen.
    Stephen: Stephen was fully hard again, by then, the leg rubbing only making him make a soft sound of pleasure.
    Codey: He giggled softly and blushed. "S....s..should I do what you did to me?"
    Stephen: "If you'd like to, sweetie. I'd love it if you did.." He smiled at the young boy.
    Codey: He blushed and smiled, shyly scooting down, looking at that hard shaft.
    Stephen: His eyes followed Codey, shivering in anticipation.
    Codey: He leaned in, licking at the tip lightly, his small hands moving to hold that shaft around the base.
    Stephen: He forced himself to not arch upwards, murmuring soft encouragement.
    Codey: He licked at that slit, then around it, shyly licking at that cockhead with his small tongue.
    Stephen: "Mmm... thats it..." He murmured down at the youth, cock throbbing.
    Codey: He kissed the tip of that shaft, before shyly parting his lips and stucking on the tip, getting a little past his lips.
    Stephen: He arched slightly up, pressing himself up further across those lips, moaning softly as his hands moved to grip at hte sheets
    Codey: His lips parted a little more, face blushing, accepting the head of that shaft into his mouth with a little difficulty, sucking lightly. His young, nude body was stretched a bit alongside Stephen's legs, laying face down, that sweet bubblebutt in clear view.
    Stephen: Stephen noticed for hte first time that the boy's body so close to him. His hand moved from the sheet to trail across Codey's thigh, up to his cute bubblebutt.
    Codey: He arched as his rear was touched, mming lightly around that cockhead in his mouth. He didn't take much more in, simply sucking what he had and licking at it lightly.
    Stephen: He moaned softly upon the young boy's mouth, his eyes locked on the sight below him. It was even more pleasurable just seeing the youth sucking on him, almost as much as the sensation of it.
    Codey: He attempted to suck in a bit more of that shaft, small teeth lightly scraping over the flesh, but not enough to hurt.
    Stephen: Again, he arched, moaning as his fingertips stroked across that rear, fingers dancing towards the youth's tight hole once more.
    Codey: He spread his legs and arched his rear up, sucking about an inch of that shaft and licking over it, hands still holding the base.
    Stephen: He throbbed moreso in the boy's mouth, fingertip running across the hole before he pressed it in slowly, groaning.
    Codey: He curled his toes, virgin hole clenching as he felt a finger invading once again. He arched, trembling and mmphing around the shaft in his young mouth, sucking a bit more on that hard rod.
    Stephen: "Mm... thats it sweetie... keep going..." He murmured around a moan, finger slowly making its way into that tight hole.
    Codey: He squirmed and arched to that finger, shivering. He attempted to take a little bit more into his young mouth, teeth scraping over that shaft again.
    Stephen: "Not too far... careful of the teeth, sweetie." He urged softly, moaning and forcing himself to not arch upward. Oh how he wanted to, but those slight teeth scratchings kept him able to stop himself.
    Codey: He nodded a little, sucking softly and licking all over. The scratchings didn't hurt much, almost added to the sensation.
    Stephen: "You're good at that, sweetie." He whispered, finger moving slowly back and forth in that hole, searching yet again as he moaned.
    Codey: He raised up on his knees, pushing his sweet little rear into the air and more to that finger, hole clenching as he was fingerfucked, moaning loud as the finger found that spot, his young shaft once again hard between his legs.
    Stephen: His finger continued the movements as he arched slightly into that mouth, driven by the boy's eagerness.
    Codey: His young legs spread widely, hold clenching around that finger, body shaking as that spot was touched repeatedly. He drew back on that shaft, sucking a bit and licking over it, before taking some back into his mouth, bobbing on a couple inches of that hard cock.
    Stephen: He gasped, moaning loudly of the tightness of that small mouth. He was amazed that he was being driven so close, so quickly. Yet his finger began to move all the more rapidly, assuring that he brushed that spot as much as he could.
    Codey: His rear pushed back to that finger, hole clenching, moaning around that shaft he was sucking on. Seems someone liked their rear played with.
    Stephen: That was something that Stephen didn't mind in the slightest. If anything, it only drove him on moreso. His finger continued to dive in, he considered a second, but wasn't sure if the boy's small body could take it at this point. He merely moaned, the other finger teasing upon the outer edges.
    Codey: He arched his back, sucking harder at that shaft as he felt that second finger playing on his hole, squirming nervously yet pushing his rear back a bit more.
    Stephen: His finger continued to tease as he murmured, "Shall I, sweetie? Its up to you."
    Codey: He glanced up at Stephen, that cock still in his mouth. He looked unsure,blushing brightly, before nervously nodding.
    Stephen: His other hand came down to stroke through Codey's hair as he ever so carefully began to work his second finger into that hole.
    Codey: He shook, giving a soft wimper around that cock in his young mouth as that finger started to push in and stretch his young rear, squirming.
    Stephen: "Relax.." he murmured, pressing the finger in further, moaning softly from the whimpering around him.
    Codey: He curled his toes, squirming and shutting his eyes tightly, pulling off of that cock for now and gasping in a bit of pain.
    Stephen: Slowly he continued the inward push, not stopping, merely going slow. Finally, both fingers were fully in, brushing across the youth's prostate in the process.
    Codey: He gasped out in a mix of pain and pleasure, hole now INCREDIBLY tight around just two fingers, rear squirming a bit as he tried to get used to it, trembling and panting lightly.
    Stephen: "Gods you're tight..." He whispered, causing his own cock to give a throb. His fingers slowly started to inch back and forth, not by much, but enough to let him get the feel for it.
    Codey: He gave a half whimper, half moan, young shaft giving a light throb beneath his legs as he squirmed, hole continuing to clench. He gripped Stephen's hips tightly, lowering his head to start licking along that shaft, placing kisses to it now and then.
    Stephen: His fingers continued the gruadual movement until he was back to slowly moving all the way in and out, moaning at the tightness and the tongue.
    Codey: He shook and squirmed, soon pushing back to those figners once he was used to them, ass clenching tight, young cock throbbing. His lips moved back to that cockhead, sucking it once again into his mouth.
    Stephen: Stephen moaned louder, arching up off the bed to that mouth, his desire having grown from the youth's reactions.
    Codey: He sucked firmly, licking rapidly at that head and began to take a bit more shaft again. Wondering if he could get all of Stephen like Stephen got all of him. His rear arched and pressed back to those fingers more.
    Stephen: His breath started to come in more rapid gasps as again he arched towards that mouth, urging him further. His fingers began to work a bit more urgently to match.
    Codey: It was about half when his gag reflex was hit, and he had to draw back quickly, mmmphing a bit. His cock throbbed and his ass pushed up more to those invading fingers.
    Stephen: "Relax sweetie, swallow, you can do it." He murmured, urging the boy forward with the hand on his head as his fingers moved far more rapidly, brushing that prostate continually.
    Codey: His legs kicked a bit from the pleasure in his rear, hips bucking. He felt his head eased down by that hand cupping the back of his head, mmphing and breathing hard through his nose. He whimpered a bit as his gag reflex kicked in again, eyes watering and he tried to swallow, feeling that shaft start to slide into his tight throat.
    Stephen: At that point, Stephen had stopped caring about the young boy. He was focused on his own pleasure, and let off a loud moan when he felt that tight throat around his cock. "Gods..." he whispered, fingers moving harshly.
    Codey: The fingers that had felt so good were now starting to hurt as they moved harder and more harshly in him. He whimpered, a little over half that shaft past his lips, body squirming as he tried to move his head back.
    Stephen: He gave off a slight hiss as if in command. He was so close. It was only a short moment longer before he came, crying out loudly as his fingers fell still in that hole.
    Codey: He whimpered, his head forced down a bit more by that hand as the teen came directly down his throat, causing him to gag and cough violently, choking and trying to pull off frantically.
    Stephen: He allowed Codey to pull off at that point, fingers loosening then releasing his head entirely as he lay back, panting.
    Codey: He pulled off with a jerk and fell back away from the teen, rolling over to lean over the edge of the bed, vomitting up the cum onto the floor, coughing harshly and letting out choked sobs as he tried to catch his breath.
    Stephen: He simply continued to lay there, finally opening his eyes when he heard the retching. Hm. Maybe he wouldn't get to play with this one again some other time after all.
    Codey: He continued to cough violently, dryretching once all the cum(and butterbeer) had spilled out onto the floor, his chin and lips still coated from the thick white fluid, soft crying sounds escaping him.
    Stephen: Slowly, he sat up, leaning over to rub Codey's back softly in an oddly reassuring manner, as he dryretched.
    Codey: He whimpered, sniffling, face tear-streaked, looking upset and hurt. "W..w..why'd you do that to me?!" He whimpered again, still crying.
    Stephen: "I'm sorry, sweetie. I got carried away. Forgot how small you were. It's too easy to be blinded by desire and lust during times like that." He soothed, stroking the boy's soft back.
    Codey: He sniffled softly. "'re really sorry?"
    Stephen: "I am, sweetie. I didn't mean to, really." He murmured soothingly.
    Codey: He nodded, sniffling and leaning on Stephen, trembling softly.
    Stephen: He pulled the boy back into his arms. So young, so gulliable. He smoothed back his hair softly.
    Codey: He sniffled, burying his face against Stephen's bare chest.
    Stephen: He bowed his head and kissed the top of the youth's head. "Shh. Its alright now, sweetie." He murmured.
    Codey: He sniffled a bit more and wrapped his arms around Stephen tightly.
    Stephen: "You alright, sweetie?" He murmured, actually sounding concerned.
    Codey: "S...still hurts.." He whimpered quietly.
    Stephen: "Where?" he questioned, wondering if it was the choking or his fingers that had done it. Granted, even being gentle his fingers would have caused pain.
    Codey: "In my mouth and my butt..." He sniffled a bit. "It hirt when you made me go down more, and your fingers were hurtin me at the end.."
    Stephen: "Mm. I know, and I'm sorry, sweetie. Though the fingers only hurt at the end? You're a brave little one, for letting me do all that I have tonight. I'm proud of you, you know."
    Codey: He blushed a bit and managed a weak smile. " hurt at first too..w..with the second one and stuff..."
    Stephen: "Most your age couldn't handle that second one. You did really well." He cooed, simply holding the youth close.
    Codey: He smiled shyly and snuggled close to the boy.
    Stephen: "Rest now, okay?" He murmured softly, smoothing back his hair.
    Codey: He nodded, closing his eyes.
    Stephen: He laid back onto the bed again, pulling the young boy with him. He reached down, pulling the blanket over them as he snuggled close. This was quite the find, might make the begining of school all the more interesting. He now found himself looking forward to it. At that thought, he slowly dozed off.
    Codey: He curled onto Stephen, and dozed off in the older boy's arms.

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