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Neville Longbottom (whyisitalwaysme) wrote in wizardingworld,
@ 2003-08-13 19:38:00
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    Summary: Justin has a cold, Neville plays mommy.
    Rating: NC-17 for sex ( though it's edited out )

    Justin (10:51:19 PM): Justin awoke a few mornings later in the bed that was becoming so common to him now. He rolled over with a groan and slowly opened his eyes, finding them to be rather heavy compared to normal.
    Neville (10:52:52 PM): "Mmph." He'd been positioned against Justin, and when the boy rolled over, he found himself face down in the bed. He blinked a few times. "You awake, love?" He murmured.
    Justin (10:53:46 PM): "Ye-" He never finished the sentance, instead he stopped and his nose crinkled, then he sneezed softly, three times in a row.
    Neville (10:54:31 PM): He reached over to put an arm around Justin. "Bless you."
    Justin (10:54:53 PM): He sniffled and closed his eyes again, curling against Neville, feeling a bit clammy.
    Neville (10:55:31 PM): "You're warm," he commented, leaning over to kiss Justin's forehead.
    Justin (10:55:44 PM): "No I'm not.. I'm cold.." another sneeze.
    Neville (10:56:51 PM): "Bless you," he repeated, furrowing his brow in concern.
    Justin (10:57:09 PM): "Thanks" He snuggled closer to Neville again for warmth.
    Neville (10:59:45 PM): He kept the concerned look, bringing his hand up to stroke Justin's hair gently.
    Justin (11:00:21 PM): "Sleep well, love?" He asked softly, opting to keep his eyes closed.
    Neville (11:00:36 PM): "Uh huh. You?"
    Justin (11:04:48 PM): "Not really.. kept waking up a lot, don't know why."
    Neville (11:06:35 PM): "Oh." He leaned over and kissed Justin's forehead again. "Definately warm.."
    Justin (11:07:05 PM): "Nah. Its just because I've been under the blankets for so long, don't worry ab-"Again, he was cut off by a sneeze. "That doesn't count. I'm fine."
    Neville (11:07:50 PM): He couldn't help but smile a little, reaching over to rub Justin's nose for him. "Blesses."
    Justin (11:08:07 PM): He grinned, opening his eyes again but finding them to be rather heavy. "Thanks."
    Neville (11:08:37 PM): "D'jou want breakfast?"
    Justin (11:08:46 PM): "No thanks, not hungry. Go ahead though."
    Neville (11:09:41 PM): He just looked over Justin for a moment before disappearing into the kitchen, coming back with an apple for him and a glass of orange juice for the other boy. "Here."
    Justin (11:10:10 PM): He took the Orange juice, finding his throat to be rather dry and sore, but shook his head at the apple. "No thanks, not hungry. Go ahead."
    Neville (11:11:29 PM): "Alright, alright," he sighed, nibbling at the apple but still watching Justin with concern.
    Justin (11:11:56 PM): He sipped at the orange juice, and made a face when it hurt to swallow it, but downed the whole glass anyway.
    Neville (11:12:41 PM): He just fidgeted, continuing to watch the boy.
    Justin (11:12:53 PM): "Whats the matter?" He glanced at Neville, finally.
    Neville (11:13:44 PM): He rolled his eyes. "You! I'm worried."
    Justin (11:13:56 PM): "Worried? Why? I'm fine!"
    Neville (11:14:09 PM): "Sure you are."
    Justin (11:14:30 PM): "I am! Don't I look fine?" He sat up quickly, and found that wasn't a good idea as the room started to spin.
    Neville (11:15:05 PM): He almost said something cheeky, but decided to be serious. "Not really, no."
    Justin (11:16:19 PM): His eyes widened from the dizyness, and he put a hand on the bed to steady himself. "Ugh. Rooms all spinny." He closed his eyes tightly, his words murmured almost inaudaibly.
    Neville (11:17:40 PM): His eyes widened and he sat up, putting an arm around Justin quickly to make sure he didn't fall or something.
    Justin (11:18:05 PM): He leaned against Neville and groaned softly. "I should have kept sleeping."
    Neville (11:19:14 PM): "You should've." He leaned over and kissed the other boy softly, leaning him back slowly so he was laying again.
    Justin (11:20:21 PM): He gladly let himself be laid back again, and was attacked by another trio of sneezes. "Tink I hab a cod" he grumbled as his nose stuffed up from the sneezing.
    Neville (11:21:40 PM): He Apparated from the room into the bathroom, nabbing a box of tissues from the cabinet and Apparating back. He took one tissue and held it to Justin's nose gently. "Blow."
    Justin (11:22:14 PM): His hand came up and took the tissue from Neville, refusing to be babied. He turned, blew his nose, then tossed it in the trash. "There, can talk again."
    Neville (11:22:43 PM): He rolled his eyes, smiling softly. "Good."
    Justin (11:23:28 PM): "Now. I'm gonna go home so I don't get you sick too." He started to sit up again.
    Neville (11:24:17 PM): "Oh, no you're not." He reached over and took Justin's shoulder, bringing him back down again.
    Justin (11:24:26 PM): "I won't get you sick!"
    Neville (11:24:59 PM): "I don't care.You're staying."
    Justin (11:25:43 PM): "Why? I can manage well enough at ho-"a sneeze
    Neville (11:26:30 PM): He took another tissue, wiping at the other boy's nose and tossing it in the trashcan before Justin could say a word. "Blesses."
    Justin (11:26:56 PM): He managed to sit up this time. "I'm going home."
    Neville (11:27:00 PM): "No."
    Justin (11:27:29 PM): "Why not?"
    Neville (11:27:41 PM): "Because I said so."
    Justin (11:27:55 PM): "So?"
    Neville (11:28:11 PM): "So, you're staying."
    Justin (11:28:49 PM): "You have to give me a better reason than that."
    Neville (11:29:09 PM): "Do you think you can even Apparate in your condition, hmm?"
    Justin (11:30:19 PM): "I could try.." his voice was uncertain. He hadn't thought of that.
    Neville (11:30:38 PM): "You could, but you're not going to."
    Justin (11:30:49 PM): "I could floo home.."
    Neville (11:31:28 PM): "I don't have a fireplace and there's no way in hell I'm letting you walk to the Floo station."
    Justin (11:31:44 PM): "Why not?"
    Neville (11:32:06 PM): "Because I said so. Lay back down."
    Justin (11:32:18 PM): "I'm fine! Really."
    Neville (11:32:27 PM): "Lay. Down."
    Justin (11:33:08 PM): "I'm fine." He replied, defiantly.
    Neville (11:33:28 PM): He narrowed his eyes at the other boy.
    Justin (11:33:58 PM): Oddly enough, Neville's threatening look actually worked, and he backed down, then laid back with a grunt of displeasure.
    Neville (11:34:27 PM): He grinned delightedly.
    Justin (11:34:56 PM): "You're leaving the room at least then"
    Neville (11:35:29 PM): "Am not."
    Justin (11:35:48 PM): "I refuse to get you sick, damnit!"
    Neville (11:36:19 PM): He just rolled his eyes.
    Justin (11:36:25 PM): "Now shoo."
    Neville (11:36:29 PM): "Nope."
    Justin (11:36:39 PM): Why not?
    Neville (11:36:54 PM): "Because I'm staying in here with you."
    Justin (11:37:36 PM): "Theres no point.." he went into a series of sneezes then groaned, curling up into a ball
    Neville (11:38:33 PM): "Bless you," he said to the other boy, leaning over to kiss his pinkish nose.
    Justin (11:38:51 PM): "Gahh." he turned away and tried to shoo Neville off.
    Neville (11:39:28 PM): He just grinned, tickling Justin gently.
    Justin (11:40:08 PM): He giggled, then curled into a ball.
    Neville (11:40:40 PM): He kept tickling the other boy, still tickling gently and softly.
    Justin (11:41:04 PM): It was but a moment before he shooed the hands away with a bit of a wince, eyes closing again.
    Neville (11:41:35 PM): He pulled his hands away, sighing softly.
    Justin (11:42:17 PM): He reached up, giving in, and opened his arms to Neville.
    Neville (11:42:38 PM): He grinned, cuddling into them.
    Justin (11:42:53 PM): He wrapped them around Neville and snuggled against him.
    Neville (11:43:20 PM): "Still wanna go home?" He asked, sort of teasingly.
    Justin (11:43:45 PM): "I never wanted to.. I just don't want you getting sick."
    Neville (11:43:56 PM): "I'll be fine."
    Justin (11:44:03 PM): "So will I."
    Neville (11:44:22 PM): "Good."
    Justin (11:45:39 PM): "If you get sick, I'll blame myself, you kow."
    Neville (11:46:09 PM): "If you must."
    Justin (11:46:26 PM): "I will. So don't get sick, okay?"
    Neville (11:46:47 PM): "I WON'T," he said firmly.
    Justin (11:47:12 PM): "Good." He murmured and snuggled close to Neville with a bit of a shiver. "At least you're warm.."
    Neville (11:47:30 PM): He giggled softly, putting his arms around Justin. "That I am.
    Justin (11:47:55 PM): "Warm is good." He cooed.
    Neville (11:48:31 PM): He grinned, kissing Justin's forehead, which he still found to be unpleasantly hot.
    Justin (11:49:27 PM): He buried his face against the pillow when he sneezed again.
    Neville (11:50:01 PM): "Bless," he murmured, stroking Justin's hair gently.
    Justin (11:50:30 PM): "You don't need to say that every time."
    Neville (11:50:42 PM): "Uh huh."
    Justin (11:51:00 PM): Slowly, he unwrapped his arms from Neville and sat up
    Neville (11:51:12 PM): "And where do you think you're going?"
    Justin (11:51:29 PM): "Water, thirsty." A short reply/
    Neville (11:52:41 PM): Before Justin could make another move, Neville Apparated to the kitchen, got a glass of water, and Apparated back to his room. "Here."
    Justin (11:52:59 PM): He took it and sighed. "I can do it myself, you know."
    Neville (11:53:23 PM): "You could, but you're not going to," he said, repeating himself from earlier.
    Justin (11:53:56 PM): He downed the water slowly. "I don't like being babied."
    Neville (11:54:20 PM): "Aw, but it's so fun."
    Justin (11:54:58 PM): He growled slightly.
    Neville (11:55:13 PM): He just winked, putting his hands behind his head and laying back.
    Justin (11:55:40 PM): He still slowly got to his feet, reaching out to steady himself against the wall as he did.
    Neville (11:55:56 PM): He sat up quickly. "Where now!?"
    Justin (11:56:17 PM): "Bathroom, which you can't do for me." He stuck his tongue out.
    Neville (11:56:48 PM): He scowled, crossing his arms and 'hmmph'ing.
    Justin (11:57:14 PM): He slowly made his way to the bathroom, and didn't come out for quite some time.
    Neville (11:57:55 PM): He just sat like that impatiently, his toes fidgeting.
    Justin (11:58:19 PM): Slowly he came out, sat down on the floor, and curled up as if he intended to sleep on the ground.
    Neville (11:59:07 PM): He glanced down at Justin, getting out of the bed and scooping him up into his arms.
    Justin (12:00:00 AM): He curled up against Neville and gave him a sheepish grin.
    Neville (12:00:49 AM): He leaned his head down, kissing Justin tenderly for a moment or two before laying him down on the bed.
    Justin (12:01:13 AM): He returned the tender kiss. "I could've just laid there, it was comfortable enough. I would've gotten to the bed eventually."
    Neville (12:02:05 AM): He just giggled, shaking his head.
    Justin (12:02:43 AM): "Kinda ran out of energy on the return trip." He winked.
    Neville (12:03:01 AM): "I noticed."
    Justin (12:03:37 AM): "But I'm still fine." He laid back on the bed.
    Neville (12:03:48 AM): "Good."
    Justin (12:03:59 AM): "So now what?"
    Neville (12:04:10 AM): "So now what what?"
    Justin (12:04:30 AM): "I don't expect you to just sit there all day. We have to do something"
    Neville (12:05:03 AM): He wiggled his eyebrows, grinning. "Such as?"
    Justin (12:05:18 AM): "I don't know."
    Neville (12:05:53 AM): "Don't have any ideas?"
    Justin (12:06:02 AM): "None."
    Neville (12:07:10 AM): "I bet a hot shower would help you feel better."
    Justin (12:07:38 AM): "Mm. A hot shower does sound nice."
    Neville (12:08:44 AM): "Good." He scooped the boy back into his arms and carried him back into the bathroom.
    Justin (12:08:55 AM): "Gah! Stop doing that! It throws me off balance."
    Neville (12:09:13 AM): He rolled his eyes. "Whatever."
    Justin (12:09:26 AM): "I told you,I don't like being babied!"
    Neville (12:09:54 AM): He just grinned, reaching over and turning on the water. "I do hope you realize I'll be joining you."
    Justin (12:10:13 AM): "I hope so. I'd fall over." He stuck his tongue out just in time to sneeze twice.
    Neville (12:10:56 AM): "Bless you," he said automatically, going to pull off Justin's shirt.
    Justin (12:11:09 AM): He pulled away, and removed his own shirt defiantly.
    Neville (12:11:30 AM): He stuck out his tongue, then moving to pull off his own shirt.
    Justin (12:11:44 AM): He carefully undid and removed his clothes, looking slightly pale.
    Neville (12:12:39 AM): He stripped down until all of his clothes were on a pile on the floor, looking over Justin. "You are pasty."
    Justin (12:13:10 AM): "I have a cold, it happens."
    Neville (12:13:46 AM): He turned the knob to turn on the shower, stepping in and reaching over to take Justin's hand.
    Justin (12:14:12 AM): He took it and moved into the spray
    Neville (12:15:28 AM): He 'mm'ed as the hot water ran over him, calming him completely.
    Justin (12:15:59 AM): His arms encircled Neville's waist to help balance himself as he felt the water run down his body, closing his eyes
    Neville (12:16:30 AM): "Feeling better?" He murmured into the other boy's ear.
    Justin (12:16:37 AM): "A bit." he replied softly.
    Neville (12:16:49 AM): "Good, good."
    Justin (12:17:17 AM): He smiled weakly and leaned against Neville.
    Neville (12:17:57 AM): He turned his head, kissing the other boy deeply.
    Justin (12:18:13 AM): He returned the kiss for but a moment before pulling away. "Don't do that, you'll get sick."
    Neville (12:18:48 AM): "I'll be fine," he mumbled, moving in for another.
    Justin (12:19:02 AM): He shook his head and didn't let Neville do it again.
    Neville (12:19:57 AM): He pouted cutely for only a moment, before reaching for a cloth and slowly started to wash Justin like he had before.
    Justin (12:20:17 AM): He closed his eyes again with a contented sigh.
    Neville (12:21:30 AM): He smiled as he washed the other boy, humming softly.
    Justin (12:22:22 AM): "You take far too good care of me."
    Neville (12:23:05 AM): "I love you," he replied simply.
    Justin (12:23:11 AM): "I love you too."
    Neville (12:23:56 AM): He finally finished washing the other boy, then squirting some shampoo into his hand and rubbing it through Justin's hair tenderly.
    Justin (12:24:29 AM): He moaned softly as he enjoyed the feel of Neville's fingers.
    Neville (12:26:34 AM): He caressed the boy's hair and scalp until the shampoo was a thick lather. "There, you can rinse it now.."
    Justin (12:27:01 AM): He shifted away from Neville and into the spray once more, leaning his head back as the water ran over him.
    Neville (12:30:20 AM): He quickly washed and shampooed himself, waiting for Justin to move from under the hot water so he could get under it himself.
    Justin (12:30:54 AM): He moved aside and leaned against the shower stall wall, eyes opening to watch Neville
    Neville (5:06:56 PM): Once he'd finished washing, shampooing, and rinsing, he took both of Justin's hands so that he couldn't be pushed away and leaned in to kiss the other boy tenderly.
    Justin (5:07:23 PM): He sighed softly against Neville's mouth. He felt bad about it, but returned the soft kiss.
    Neville (5:08:27 PM): He smiled into the kiss, continuing it for at least another minute before pulling away, and leaning over a little to turn off the water.
    Justin (5:09:35 PM): He leaned his head against Neville's shoulder when he pulled back, eyes closing once more.
    Neville (5:14:29 PM): "You stay here. I'll be right back." He quickly left the bathroom, coming back with his wand and some warm clothes. "I'll not have you running around wet and naked, as much as I'd like it." He murmured a spell under his breath to dry Justin, then moving to put the shirt over Justin's head.
    Justin (5:15:37 PM): He watched Neville dissapear, then reappear, leaning against the shower stall while he waited. When the other boy reappeared he stuck his tongue out. "I can dress myself, thanks."
    Neville (5:16:13 PM): "Fine then." He tossed the shirt and pants at Justin, sticking his tongue out in return.
    Justin (5:16:37 PM): He caught them and staggered out of the shower, nearly tripping on the way out, and slowly dressing himself.
    Neville (5:17:06 PM): He crossed his arms, watching the other boy.
    Justin (5:17:27 PM): His motions were slow and he was concentrating upon it, but he managed it
    Neville (5:17:54 PM): He dressed himself quickly, still eyeing Justin.
    Justin (5:18:04 PM): He leaned back against a wall once dressed.
    Neville (5:19:11 PM): He kissed Justin's cheek gently, pulling back and looking over the boy a final time. "You alright?"
    Justin (5:19:38 PM): "I'm not sure I can honestly say 'yes' at this point.."
    Neville (5:21:34 PM): He furrowed his eyebrow, his face taking on a look of concern, and scooped Justin into his arms, bringing him into the bedroom and laying him down gently on the bed. "How're you feeling?"
    Justin (5:21:52 PM): "Sick." He stuck his tongue out again, but brought his arms around Neville and held him close.
    Neville (5:22:57 PM): He let Justin hold him, but still looked concerned. "I know that, but.. in what way? What do you feel like?"
    Justin (5:23:18 PM): "Um. Head hurts, my throat hurts, rooms a bit spinny, achey. You know, sick."
    Neville (5:24:32 PM): "Poor baby." She leaned in and kissed the boy again for a moment. "Not sure what I should do, though.."
    Justin (5:24:51 PM): "Baby, jee, thanks. You shouldn't do anything, you should get out of the room and stay healthy."
    Neville (5:25:21 PM): [ *he. -is RPing a girl in a different IM- ]
    Justin (5:25:29 PM): ((Sfine ^^))
    Neville (5:25:47 PM): "Sorry." He grinned lightly, nuzzling Justin a bit. "Not going anywhere."
    Justin (5:26:06 PM): "Dun wanna get you sick."
    Neville (5:26:30 PM): "You've stated that mutiple times. I'll be fine."
    Justin (5:26:36 PM): "You'd better be."
    Neville (5:28:02 PM): "I will."
    Justin (5:28:23 PM): He snuggled closer to Neville, he didn't really want the boy to leave, but still.
    Neville (5:33:53 PM): He sighed softly, cuddling the other boy.
    Justin (5:34:17 PM): "Thank you.." he whispered softly.
    Neville (5:34:30 PM): "For?"
    Justin (5:34:50 PM): "Being here? Being mine? Take your pick."
    Neville (5:36:09 PM): He just smiled.
    Justin (5:36:30 PM): "I appreciate it.." He then turned his head away and had quite the sneezing fit, which grew into coughs.
    Neville (5:37:37 PM): He winced, rubbing his hand gently over Justin's chest as the boy coughed.
    Justin (5:40:09 PM): He sighed and leaned back against Neville weakly when he stopped. "I hate being sick.."
    Neville (5:41:16 PM): "I know, I know," he murmured, reaching his hand up to stroke Justin's hair.
    Justin (5:43:51 PM): Justin leaned against Neville contently, panting a bit as he worked to regain his breath.
    Neville (5:46:55 PM): "You alright? He murmured softly to the other boy, still stroking his hair.
    Justin (5:58:56 PM): "You asked me that barely a couple minutes ago."
    Neville (5:59:07 PM): "I know.. I just worry."
    Justin (5:59:14 PM): "I'll be alright."
    Neville (5:59:30 PM): "Good."
    Justin (5:59:40 PM): He sneezed again and smiled weakly. "Ignore that."
    Neville (6:02:09 PM): He gave Justin a small smile, taking a tissue and wiping the boy's nose for him. "Blesses."
    Justin (6:02:37 PM): "Thanks." His eyes closed and he curled up against Neville. "Its cold again.."
    Neville (6:03:17 PM): He pulled more covers over Justin, wrapping his arms around the boy. "Better?"
    Justin (6:04:04 PM): He nodded. "Yeah, thanks.."
    Neville (6:05:33 PM): He leaned in and kissed Justin's nose. "I know a better way to warm you up.. but you're probably not up for it."
    Justin (6:05:41 PM): "What you mean?"
    Neville (6:05:59 PM): "I mean, I could fuck you." He grinned lightly.
    Justin (6:06:22 PM): He blushed a fierce shade of red, chuckling softly. "You sure you want to do that to a sick person?"
    Neville (6:06:23 PM): "Or you could fuck me, if you prefer."
    Justin (6:11:23 PM): "Um, well, I'm in no shape to.. really.. to do it to you at least.."
    Neville (6:12:11 PM): " Did you want me to do it to you, then?"
    Justin (6:12:27 PM): "Only if you.. wanted to. I'd never mind it, you know that."
    Neville (6:13:32 PM): "Only if you wanted to, love.."
    Justin (6:13:59 PM): "You want to do that to someone thats sick though? I could just start sneezing partway through for all we know.."
    Neville (6:14:49 PM): He silently thought to himself what it would feel like if Justin started sneezing while he was inside the boy, but kept his thoughts to himself.
    Justin (6:15:07 PM): "You didn't answer my question.."
    Neville (6:15:34 PM): "Oh.. um.. I dunno," he said, snapping out of his thought and blushing softly.
    Justin (6:16:10 PM): "Why'd you go silent all of a sudden?"
    Neville (6:16:18 PM): "No reason."
    Justin (6:16:24 PM): "Um, okay.."
    Neville (6:16:58 PM): He coughed quietly."Ehrm. Only if you wanted to. Either way I don't mind."
    Justin (6:17:09 PM): "What do YOU want though, Neville."
    Neville (6:18:53 PM): "I want to fuck you," he murmured huskily in the other boy's ear.
    Justin (6:19:42 PM): A shiver ran through his body, drawing in a sharp breath at the response the words sent through his body. "Then do it.."
    Neville (6:20:33 PM): "Are you sure?" He murmured in the same voice,
    Justin (6:20:49 PM): "Yes.. do it.. I want to feel you.."
    Neville (6:22:10 PM): Justin didn't need to say it again. Neville was already naked; his hands were already down fumbling with the clasp on Justin's.
    Justin (6:23:03 PM): Justin didn't move to help him, he knew he would just end up slowing things down in his current state anyway.
    Neville (6:24:43 PM): He got it undone, pushing his trousers down and then his boxers. He reached down and spread the other boy's legs apart, stroking Justin gently first.
    Justin (6:25:07 PM): He moaned softly at the feel of Neville's hand, arching forward slightly.
    Neville (6:26:35 PM): He slowly pressed himself to Justin's hole, slowly, finally pressing in..
    Neville (6:26:39 PM): [ whee whee whee o_O ]
    Justin (6:27:09 PM): Whee. Insert sex, a couple coughing fits, some sneezing..
    Justin (6:27:36 PM): He laid back, exhausted when they finally finished, panting heavily.
    Neville (6:29:20 PM): "Are you alright?" He murmured into the other boy's ear, pulling himself out and wrapping his arms around Justin.
    Justin (6:30:13 PM): "Yeah.. I'm okay. Sorry about that.." He blushed brightly.
    Neville (6:30:58 PM): "No, no, it's alright, actually.." he grinned lightly. "It didn't feel too bad, either."
    Justin (6:31:09 PM): "What do you mean?"
    Neville (6:31:47 PM): "Nothing.. nevermind."
    Justin (6:32:31 PM): "o..kay"
    Neville (6:33:15 PM): He grinned sheepishly, leaning his head to kiss the boy.
    Justin (6:33:28 PM): He returned the kiss, still panting
    Neville (6:34:58 PM): "I love you."
    Justin (6:37:39 PM): "Love you too.. and you were right, I'm much warmer now."
    Neville (6:37:47 PM): He grinned. "Told you."
    Justin (6:37:55 PM): "You were right." He smiled.
    Neville (1:46:16 PM): "Aren't I always?" He grinned cheekily.
    Justin (1:46:22 PM): "You wish." He stuck his tongue out at Neville.
    Neville (1:46:41 PM): "Hush."
    Justin (1:47:55 PM): He grinned and chuckled softly, snuggling close to Neville
    Neville (1:48:15 PM): He leaned in and kissed Justin tenderly.
    Justin (1:48:48 PM): He returned the kiss before shooing the boy. "Alright, enough of that, or you'll get my germs."
    Neville (1:49:24 PM): "Oh, fine." He settled for just nuzzling the other boy, and cuddling up to him.
    Justin (1:49:37 PM): He returned the nuzzle and cuddled close, closing his eyes and sighing contendedly
    Neville (1:50:34 PM): "I'll be right back," he murmured, wiggling from the boy's grasp, going to the kitchen, and returning with the same box of strawberries from the other day.
    Justin (1:51:13 PM): "How are those things not rotting yet?" He asked softly, watching Neville with his eyes only half open.
    Neville (1:51:35 PM): "Refridgerator." He took one from the box, plucking off the leaves, and teasing it at Justin's lips.
    Justin (1:51:48 PM): He smiled and nipped at it.
    Neville (1:52:37 PM): "Good, you're eating," he murmured, reaching his free hand over to stroke the boy's hair.
    Justin (1:52:49 PM): "Don't expect me to eat much.."
    Neville (1:53:10 PM): "At least a few strawberries."
    Justin (1:53:21 PM): He sighed, but did as requested.
    Neville (1:53:44 PM): He smiled, watching the boy eat the strawberries, still stroking his hair.
    Justin (1:54:03 PM): He stopped after three and just snuggled close to Neville. "There, happy?"
    Neville (1:54:23 PM): "I guess." He sighed, kissing Justin's forehead. "Mm. You're still warm."
    Justin (1:54:48 PM): "Yeah, well, considering what you just did to me, I should hope I'm not cold yet."
    Neville (1:55:13 PM): He giggled softly.
    Justin (1:56:04 PM): He snuggled close. "Tired.." he murmured.
    Neville (1:56:23 PM): "Sleep, darling."
    Justin (1:57:05 PM): "That okay..?"
    Neville (1:57:11 PM): "Of course."
    Justin (1:57:16 PM): "Stay with me..?"
    Neville (1:57:23 PM): "Of course," he repeated.
    Justin (1:57:36 PM): "Thanks.." He murmured, snuggling closer to Neville again and slowly drifting off.
    Neville (1:57:54 PM): He leaned in and kissed the boy's forehead again, just laying there and gazing at him for awhile before falling asleep himself.

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