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Ron Weasley (redheadded) wrote in wizardingworld,
@ 2003-08-12 20:22:00
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    I know that I had told you I would owl you when Draco was awake again, but he is still not quite well, and I opted to let him rest longer. You might not like it, but I did what I felt was right at the time. He's now staying with me and my parents, we moved him here earlier today. He's still not quite well, but is doing better. We agreed that he was up to another visit from you, so you can stop by whenever.

    Ron Weasley

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2003-08-12 23:32 (link)
Mister Weasley,

This may come as a tremendous shock to you, but I rarely "like" anything that you do. No matter. I shall visit as soon as my duties permit. In the meantime, do send him my regards--and none of that nonsense about how I "don't care" or any such sentimental drivel. I will visit at my soonest convenience.

In the meantime, Weasley, guard him well. I trust your parents have set wards about their home? Surely not even Arthur could be quite -that- incomptetent. I shall perhaps double-check them during my social call.

Until then, good day.

--Professor S. Snape

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2003-08-12 23:36 (link)

I don't paticularily care if you like or dislike my actions, I was just letting you know. If I felt the urge I could just not invite you to my house at all, and Draco and I could fend for ourselves. I've kept a close watch over him nonstop, you can't possibly say that I haven't. So I suggest if you want to check up on him as well that you don't insult my family, got that? I don't care who you are, but you are coming here at my request, a request that can easily be taken away.

Ron Weasley.

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2003-08-12 23:49 (link)
Well well, Mister Weasley, such cheek. For shame on you, boy. Of course I know you've kept a watch over Draco. You're not the only one with eyes in this world. I merely meant to indicate that your wards should be tested and re-tested to ensue their strength. Even you must admit that your sire can be a bit... scatterbrained... at times. Your flippant reply indicates to me that you're taking this situation far too lightly. Should Malfoy desire to recover his son, I assure you, you will need more than ramshackle wards and a brave face to protect him.

I shall see you anon, Mister Weasley. And do try to remember my position. Most would be inclined to consider it a respectable one. You could take a wise hint from them.


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2003-08-12 23:55 (link)

Being stuck in a hospital for a couple weeks with the company of only Draco tends to make a person more.. cheeky, as you put it. I wouldn't know about any wards my parents have put up. Unless you forget that I am still only going into seventh year, I wouldn't exactly be able to put up any wards that would stop the man, or even be able to test those. I am doing what I can. I don't care who you are in what position, I am not one that appreciates my family being insulted.
Being in a hospital for so long makes a person grumpy.

Ron Weasley.

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