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This is what living like this does (wishful5thinker) wrote,
@ 2004-01-14 21:47:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:the early november-ever so sweet

    stole this from kyles thingy
    [x] they call me: dumbass
    [x] also: brenna
    [x] sex: is bad u can get herpes and genetle warts
    [x] my first breath of air: wus inside a vagina on october 15 1987 biotch
    [x] age: 16
    [x] occupation: student and subway worked blahh
    [x] best friends: the shiz

    [x] most memorable memory?: the concert on my bday
    [x] worst?: my face in a garbage pail
    [x] first word uttered: cheese
    [x] first bestfriend ever: first and still kristina lol

    _______FAST FORWARD_______
    [x] college planning to go to: suffolk then transfer to somewhere good
    [x] future resident of: cali baby haha tha was so gay remind me to never say baby ever agian haha
    [x] wedding: herpes free
    [x] children: herpes free girl and boy rufio and roxy yea sick names kids haha
    [x] looking forward to: friday lol
    [x] NOT looking forward to: work

    [x] feeling: sick
    [x] Listening: the early november-baby blue
    [x] Talking to: umm no one cus im bored enoguh to do this shit
    [x] doing: this survey then bed
    [x] thinking of: who the hell would have the time to make this
    [x] craving: suga haha suga damn im gangsta
    [x] missing: ha wouldnt u like to know bixotch
    [x] hating: the fact that i can be an ashole to people that dont deserve wen i rreally a nive young lady lol

    [x] songs: the early november- baby blue and brand new- the no seatbelt song
    [x] radio station: k rock
    [x] tv show: viva la bam road rules real world everwood
    [x] channel: mtv and fuse
    [x] site:
    [x] movie: the breakfest club chat room the ddr 2 dvd cheaper by the dozen
    [x] store: pac sun hot topic
    [x] mall: anywhere as long as those 2 stores r there lol


    [x] love is: wen u wanna have a gatorage cus ur thirty and someone gives u a gatorade
    [x] first love? i liked the black guy from the power rangers please dont ask lmao
    [x] love or lust?: love biotch
    [x] best love song: lets get it on
    [x] is it possible to be in love w/ more than one person @ the same time?: who the hell is in love right now but u can like more then one person at a time
    [x] when love hurts, you: write mad songs and drink some booze
    [x] true or false- all you need is love: well all u need is love and booze
    [x] is there such thing as love @ first sight: no cus u sholdnt like a person for the way the look it should be the persoonaliy o man wow i almost made sence biotch


    [x] turn ons: wut i really dont get this section umm well i buy all the properties in momoply and my bro gets pissed so we end the game
    [x] turn offs: mean people hair on the back and stomach
    [x] does your parents opinion on your bf/gf matter to you?: nope
    [x] the sweetest thing a person can do for you: give me some gatorade wen im thirsty and be nice

    ________PICKY PICKY_______

    [x] short or long hair: doesnt matter
    [x] innie or outie: innie
    [x] sunshine or rain: sunshine but i like april showers cus they bring may flowers lol wut the hell di i jsut say
    [x] moon or sun: both
    [x] basketball or football: football
    [x] starbucks or jamba juice: wtf is jambia juice well i would say starbucks even though i never been there
    [x] written letters or e-mails: written
    [x] playstation or Nintendo: nintendo old school biotch ok time for me to stop saying biotch
    [x] disney or nickelodeon: disney
    [x] car or motorcycle: car
    [x] house party or club: house party
    [x] sing or dance: both im the ill shizznet i like to sing and dance to britany speras o yea u know u played the karioke game on the crossroads dvd at least once lol u probly never seen crossroads haha
    [x] freak or slow dance: freak?? well i like to dance to old school shit
    [x] yahoo messenger or aim: AIm
    [x] google or ask jeeves: google cus it sounds cool


    [x] can you swim: yea
    [x]whats your most embarrassing moment: i dunno probly anytime wen i get cought in a lie
    [x] whats under your bed: another bed yayy and a song book and a pen
    [x] what kinda roof is over your head?: umm well right now my parets bedroom but the roof roof is somekind of a roof material
    [x] do you like tomatoes?: yea im beging to like emm
    [x] internet connection: Optimum
    [x] how many phones?: 2
    [x] how many residents?: 4
    [x] how many DVDs do you have?: like 10
    [x] last phone call: ashley
    [x] last IM : steve

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