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This is what living like this does (wishful5thinker) wrote,
@ 2003-12-01 15:37:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:yellowcard-wayaway

    Hold Your Breath Because You Only Make Things Worse
    Yea wuts up kids i had to change my journal thing cus valore said shes gonna call teh super attendent on me or something stupid like that so i can bitch about her all i want in here but right now i wanna say i had a great thanksgiving weekend i had sooo much funnnnn. these r the funny things that happened..........
    1.going to see the gettoist college in the country SULLIVIAN i think i was the only white person
    2.making fun of dad
    3.great uncle ray is funny and doe sfunny ass things went running this mourning and saw all the birds
    ruthie-what kind of birds
    dad-whats a coon
    ray-a racoon
    u had to be there
    5.whatching home videos of cara and katy dancing and whatching cara walk out of the corn fields
    6.playing that game that was kinda like charades
    7.jackie drinking almost 2 bottles of sparkling champane
    8.everyone trying to put there wine glass in the cup
    9.stale cheetos
    10.the guy that walked into the glass at jillians car doesnt stop on a dime
    maggie-this car doesnt stop on a quarter
    mom-this car doesnt stop on a half dollar
    12.maggie and andrea dancing in 5 seasons
    13.eating all that damn fudge at 5 seasons
    14.the wood frog not sounding like a frog, maggie, and andrea trying to see who could rock the fastest
    16.maggie rocking so damn fast look like a sped lol
    17.going on the swing set at 5 seasons falling in the puddle
    19.andrea-brenna bombed the puddle
    mom-brenna i hope u didnt liter to jackie)-r u a friend
    me-dad shes moms cousin
    21.kathy-r we gonna heat the ham
    mom-no we r gonna warmed it god sirens
    andrea-its just an ambulance
    me-shit no its not mom its a cop pull over homes getting pulled over by a cop and she gave him her phone # instead on her regestration on accident
    25.maggie trying to wiegh herself on the candy weigher
    26.wieghing everything
    27.printing out a ton of sticky recites
    28.andrea being paged at wegmans
    29.maggie trying to fit in the trusk thing
    30.andrea pushing maggie in the shopong cart and maggie talking to andrea cus she thought she was still pushing her
    31.maggie telling the stroy of how she suished a fish in her bed
    32.playing split second best game ever
    33.micheal singing allt hat church music

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