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This is what living like this does (wishful5thinker) wrote,
@ 2003-12-21 19:29:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:something corporate -ruthless

    hey kids
    o yea wuts up god im tired from work but im havin fun. dude mike lombardo is cool. omg ashley "o god i forgot kohls i cant get u wet" i m the worst dishwasher in the world cus i soak everyone wen i wash lol work was fun and i made so many sandwiches and wrapped a lot too lol ya so saturday i went to the mall with britt and it was so hilariuos cus bryan tripped malcolm in front of everyone and it was the realest trip i ever saw he went flyin and his soda went everwhere and this guy was like not a good place to trip. omg i saw the illest shoes they wer fuckin g-unit how fuckin cool is that shit yo i wanna get them and i wanna get a g-unit shirt. i was thinking of shit i did over the summer and i almost forgot the funniest thing that happened which was wen me and cory got up in front of everyone and song hot in hurrr holy shit how funny was that and then all those homie girls wanted my autograph. o man friday in band sprague let people conduct and of course me being the a-hole that i m or wutever i had to do it so i got up there and i was conductiin really really fast and it was so funny and then sprague like i think thats evough but i kept going and i was like duh duh dunt da or wutever weel u would have to see the movements with my arms or wutever lol yea and thanks kristina for the gift lol nice rainbow sox with fish how random lol o yea and if u someone in a subway costume this mourning it was me ya that was me being a jackass or wutever but it was funny lol anyways my hands r cramping lol peace kids

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