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Fox Wishmaster (wishfox) wrote,
@ 2003-10-03 12:05:00
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    Current mood: hungry

    Aye! I do believe I'm getting sick... not a good time for that either. I need to start looking for a job today, which I actually intend to do! Hopefully I will be able to buy some books as well while I'm out. I don't know where the rest of my old books are anymore. I have a feeling my parents threw them away when I left for college...
    I unfortunately have not been able to express my beliefes to anyone but one good friend (and only because we studied together some years ago). I don't think my parent's would take me seriously, and I'm sure I would be looked down on if my boyfriend's family knew, with the exception of him that is. He probably wouldn't understand but wouldn't think of it as most Christians do. This makes me feel alone, and then I remember not to get discouraged by such thoughts. It does not matter. And yet I always wondered what it would be like growing up in a family of witches. I won't babble about that further though.
    I do however need to find myself a popper book of shadows, or at least something I can record my thoughts/findings and notes.
    Well I'm off to get ready. I do hope my day is a productive one! I will write more back in here later when there's actually more to tell.

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