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Jenna (wish_dream_fly) wrote,
@ 2004-01-01 19:20:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:Fuel, Getting Thru

    I tried so hard to shake it off
    if someone was to give you a good compliment, you would want to believe it. so if someone told you, you were beautiful, you would believe it and it would be hard to believe otherwise, and believe it wasnt true. you would be stuck on the fact that you were beautiful. and not because you were conseded, but because it was just a good compliment. and you would never forget that someone called you that, and if you soon did forget, it would still be in the back of your mind. and you would remember who said it, and how they said it, where you were, your reaction, their reaction, what you were thinking at that time. you would remember everything, down to the last tiny deatil. so to make my point, you would do the same thing if someone called you something bad. for instance, ugly. so, no matter how many people tell me im not, or say dont listen to them, i still do. because its so hard not to. and if i ever forget, it will always be in the back of my mind, and it will never go away. so i remember every little detail because its like i have to. i can never tell myself i look good, or anything like that because i think of that time when i was called that. so if people think that i make too much of a big deal about this, then just think about how you felt when you got a good compliment, think about everything you can remember about that time. then when you remember everything, and you really good, and you cant forget it, think about it being total opposite. and the feeling that you have, think about it being a million times stronger, but in the other direction. but then still, you wont even be close to feel how i felt. so really, you can never say that i take this too seriously, untill it happens to you, you just might feel differently.

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