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Minnie McGonagall (wisdom_goddess) wrote,
@ 2003-07-23 08:29:00
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    Current mood: jubilant
    Current music:"I Will Survive" Don't laugh, *especially* you, Mr. Black

    I imagine that some of you are disbelieving, shocked, or perhaps overjoyed at the so-called reappearance of Sirius. I know for certain that if Alastor is reading this, he his absolutely certain that it is all a terrible trick by Death-Eaters trying to take revenge upon us all.

    I would dispute that.

    I will not give the details of my own evidence, but...I have little doubt that the man Remus has sought out is Sirius Black. Some things...some things are difficult to pretend.

    Remus, if you are reading this, please bring him home. I believe he will need many friends by his side, given what he has been through. I would advise, however, that you not let Miss Luna Lovegood speak to him; she's only bound to confuse matters. And if the Ministry starts poking around, tell them to bugger off until Sirius has got his bearings back. I will not have his recovery hampered by tabloid-chasers and bureaucrats sniffing around like Sirius is a dog in heat.

    Oh, and Sirius? I imagine if you think too much about that cat you remember, you might realize you and I have a great deal more in common than you think ;)

    ~Minnie McGonagall

    PS-Harry, please write and tell me how you've been doing. I am certainly glad your work as an Auror seems to be going well, but I do still like to hear from former students.

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2003-07-23 09:00 (link)

I can't but laugh! You *will* survive us all!

I'll mind your warning about Luna. She's a darling, but I can't have her confuse Sirius even more. We're still waiting for him to wake up, I'm starting to get worried about this deep sleep. I don't want to wake him up yet.

Maybe, just maybe he'll remember chasing a grey tabby cat with square markings around his eyes up a tree at Hogwarts... funny actually, because he never chased other cats. He loved to play fetch though. What can I say? He's a dog after all. Might have said that before.

There's definitely a reason why I keep saying that you're one great big softie at heart, Minerva! We all love you - once we're out of your teaching claws that is :-D))))


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2003-07-23 11:08 (link)
I'm glad that email worked to convince you. And thank you for, well, caring so bloody much about a stupid git who caused you so much trouble when he was younger. (I have been reading my old journal)

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2003-07-23 14:04 (link)
Dear Professor I'm surprised! Me, confusing matters?
I'm just trying to help the poor guy and Mrs Purkiss. I believe she's suferred enough looking for her beloved Stubby.
I know you all think that he's Sirius Black, but he sent a message to my journal saying that he wants to be a rock star...

We'll see...

By the way, it's good to hear from you again Professor :-)

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2003-07-23 18:50 (link)
Bugger off, Luna! Let the canines be!

Sorry, Professor! Just a bit angsty about becoming an uncle! Did you hear? Bill and Fleur any minute now. We're at The Burrow waiting for news from Mum.

And, I'm glad you believe it's him now. Kingsley's been through hell finding Sirius and arranging for Remus to meet him in a safe place. I will need to speak to you about his memory though. I'd speak to Moody, but he's a bit touched in the head lately and well, I'd like an impartial opinion on it. Don't want to worry anyone, so I'll just sign off now.

I'm going to be an uncle, did you hear?

Uncle Ron

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2003-07-24 06:24 (link)
No need to be rude Ronald. I'm just trying to help my friends.

I forgive you though. And congratulations about being an uncle.

P.S> You Know if the man you're talking about has a problem with his memory he should visit Mnemosyne's temple. It exists. I found it!

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2003-07-24 10:41 (link)
*rolls eyes*


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Faith indeed
2003-07-23 18:51 (link)
I never knew he chased you up a tree! And you still like him? You really are a softie. And about that cake, the alcohol evaporates when you bake so you get the lovely taste of sherry* without the dizzyness or hangover. Fleur's in labor, may take all night, and I think Angelina may be pregnant; she's alluded to "big news" in a recent letter to me. As for keeping in touch, I will certainly keep on doing that. Perhaps we can meet for tea sometime? I have a lovely story about a certain former student and a bottle of wine.


*Hikers not included

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2003-07-24 11:13 (link)
I'm an uncle, did you hear, Professor?

I'm going to be one again. Fred and Angelina. I can just see the pursed lips!

Hope to see you around soon Professor,
Uncle Ron

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