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Minnie McGonagall (wisdom_goddess) wrote,
@ 2003-08-19 09:08:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:"Flight of the Bumblebee" Ironic...

    Two Weeks
    Two weeks to go, and I barely have any time to think. The house-elves keep badgering me about the Feast; they're worried that someone in the school will be...I don't know, someone who doesn't eat meat, vegetables, bread, fats, oils, and I kept trying to tell them that someone like that would probably be dead anyway, at which point...

    Everyone's been helping out with the work, so that's been lovely. But there's still far too many things that only the Headmistress can handle. Maybe I should just abscond and move to Ireland. That'd show them.

    No, I'm not retiring. I'll wait until after my first year. But I am showing a very distressing tendency to wake up as a cat. Is it possible that Mittens feels that I'm too stressed? Hermione, do you have any research of that type on Animagi? I'd love to see it. And Molly, are we still on for today? If we are, just track me down and drag me away from whatever I'm doing. I'm sure it'll be fine.

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There, there, Mittens!
2003-08-19 09:43 (link)
Calm yourself, Minerva! Everything will be fine. Is there anything I can do to help things along? Remus, Sirius and Moonpaddy should be arriving shortly. I've sent out the carriage to meet them at the Hogsmeade gate. Severus is back in the dungeons. I shall go pay him a visit. He's been to see Mr. Malfoy.


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2003-08-19 11:16 (link)
The cavalry arrives, Molly! Though we're canines, LOL...

We have shoulders you can place the running around kind of stuff in the castle. Siri's especially good with the house-elves, at least they did everything for him back in school, so he should have no problems of soothing their nerves.


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Re:Two Weeks
2003-08-19 15:43 (link)
I am so glad I dragged you out of the Castle just in time.

You really did look so stressed. I am glad that both Mittens and yourself are finally relaxed.

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Re: Two Weeks
2003-08-19 16:58 (link)
Well Headmistress if you feel too stressed I would be more than happy to appoint someone else to your position.

I do realize that running a school like Hogwarts is hard to do for a witch your age.

Mr. Malfoy
Board of Govenors

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Re: Two Weeks
2003-08-20 01:16 (link)
Isn't there a rock you should be under? Leave the Headmistress alone. You may think you have power over the school, but remember that your freedom is still dependent on how quickly I find the shit your hiding. It won't be long now. You'll have a little square cell to enjoy soon!

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2003-08-19 21:22 (link)
Malfoy, leave Minerva alone. Honestly, by this age you should have grown up enough to stop insulting people for no good reason.

Minerva, as for waking up as Mittens, I know that when things got especially bad in Azkaban I would often just transform into Padfoot with little to no intention of doing so. I assume it is some sort of coping mechanism.

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