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wineandlemons (wineandlemons) wrote,
@ 2003-10-08 22:06:00
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2003-10-09 21:16 (link)

first: it seems that you would overreact if she had told you to your face. and you know, sometimes it's better not to say anything to anyone...until it cools down. i dont' know about you, but if people i knew were constantly telling me something that bothered them and trying to control my lifes i'm sure i'd be irritated. maybe you should stop thinking about how it's affecting you, and stop taking it so personally, did it ever occur to you that she might have a reason for it??

second: it's a damn journal. it's an opinion. because god-forbid that you get pissed off at me now for thinking that you're the "halfcocked asshole" (and yes, i'm quite unoriginal at the moment). if it's the way she felt, it doesn't mean that's how it'd be forever. you're blowing it way out of proportion... get over yourself.

third: she had the link because she wanted people to find it. so that they would know. because it doesnt' bother her that people take things offensively--in fact it is their problem. and ideally, it shouldn't bother them. unless of course a person was ignorant, and they didn't realize that maybe the world didn't revolve around them

fourth: she happens to be the most intelligent and insightful person that i know. she's going to find someone that makes her happy. i hope that it's quite the opposite of you, a person who knows how to take criticism.

fifth: and i really doubt that you knew what it was like to "PMS" when you were a 16 year old girl.

the "liz character"

"he wants a reason, but he can't understand that the reason is because when he broke up with bree, bree broke down, and he doesn't understand that that is an excellent reason for me to have wanted to hurt him"

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