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Perfectly.Windy.Sky (windysky) wrote,
@ 2003-05-24 09:09:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:Pantera - Cemetery Gates

    Gave it all away
    I spend a lot of my time with him together sleeping. Considering he has the best bed on earth, I never mind. Yesterday however we slept in until 2 pm, and the majority nof the time I was pinned to the bed by his body in an uncomfortable position. Now my legs hurt. However, it was worth it considering he's not usually that cuddly in his sleep unless it's those few minutes before he wakes up that he's just plain being horny. Those moments, I appreciate less.

    We woke up and Scott called saying he'd be by soon. We went to his house and I played with the pets while Scott and Dave ate barbequed piles of animal. Ben and Dana showed up and after that a crazy car chase ensued. Dana and Ben in Dana's car followed us in the van around the city on various errands: The bank, liquor store, Morris Music, Scotti's apartment, My house, Lisa's house. All the while the boys decided to honk back and forth at each other, annoying every other driver on the road. On the way to Lisa's house however, we lost Dana and Ben as they practically drove as far as the airport. We then had to chase after them, find them as they passed us in the opposite lane, and then get everyone turned around.

    We finally made it to Scott's and Scotti got a warm fuzzy fire going. Dana's car arrived a little late as Ben had broke the passenger door. There was good people around: Scotti, Ashley, Jeremy, Lisa, Sarah, Dave, Scott, Dana, Ben, and of course myself and my hip attachement. Dana offered to run Randy to his house to grab his guitar and I offered to go get marshmellows. Ben insisted on coming with us and Randy spent a good 5-7 minutes trying to convince him not to join us. See, as Dana quietly explained to me while the other two argued, Dana's car is not the greatest and Ben (much as we love him) must be pushing 350 lbs or more. Dana said that Ben already destroyed the suspension on one occassion and the reason the door had it's little accident was also due to the force of Ben's weight. Of couse Ben ended up with his way. The travel was a safe one at least.

    It took about 30 minutes before anyone got adventurous to find some sticks suitable for marshmellow toasting. Of course I had no part of this stick gathering because I'm lazy as fuck, so our resident boyscouts Scotti and Randy had to go to it. The marshmellows tasted like paint, so I'm pretty sure I've been poisoned now. Dana was my drive home, and we were originally going to leave at 12:30, but Randy ordered me home at 11:30 as he didn't trust Dana not to drink anymore and feared for my safety. I thought that was quite considerate of him in a domineering way ; )

    He came along with us and got strangely cuddley in the car. He is so bizarre. He spent most of the night pushing me away and then I get mauled on the way home. Dana let us off across the road and he even walked me to the door like a gentleman. I was shocked and amazed, needless to say.

    Normally I chicken out on these gatherings, which annoys Randy quite a bit. He's been prodding me to join in more, so I finally succumbed last night.

    That was my useless "What I did on the weekend" entry even though it's only Saturday morning...

    PS. I officially have only two weeks of highschool left. Yipee!

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