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Will (willpumpcity) wrote,
@ 2003-05-19 22:30:00
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    Current mood: complacent
    Current music:Thrice - Where Idols Once Stood

    WAHOO! I finished my poetry project!!! It looks sloppy and all the analysis etc stuff is complete BS but ITS COOL! I'm just glad I finished it. Whew. Its damn hot right now. Summer is coming. I hate heat.

    Today my anatomy class and I went on a field trip to Loma Linda University (or college?). It was pretty cool. The deformed babies in jars were weird. I really feel bad for them and their parents. Darn. I also saw a picture of an 18 inch 18 year old. That was pretty crazy. And then we got to watch two movies about having babies. The first one was pretty cool. Those damn Brits do a good job of putting tiny cameras in our pees to make documentaries. The second one was wack though. It was all old and the people in it were damn funny. Especially the big guy that looked like Sir Mix-a-Lot. He was pretty dumb. Yeah and then we got to see babys' heads pop out of stretched vaginas. Scary.

    Yesterday I didn't update, but I went to watch Matrix Reloaded with Elaine. It was pretty cool. The fight scenes are too long though, but I thought the story was alright. Causation and all of that are interesting concepts. Also, shabutie got a haircut and she looks(ed) nice. =D. After the movie we went to Albertson's so the shaboot could get some money, and I decided to get some potato wedges for us. I saw John working and then we walked outside and Nutha popped out from her car all of a sudden and started screaming at us. Haha...she's cool. Yep, then we went to Nutha's car and stood and ate potato for awhile and then Mrs. Chinn arrived and we departed. Me and shaboot headed home and then talked about some stuff and then talked more later on that night and now I feel good. A good few days. Thats it. Later Blurty.

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2003-05-20 02:02 (link)
i'm glad you feel better, ya baber! =)

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